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Artist Biography

About Me

Momo Kariño Designs (Momo Karinyo, LLC) was founded in 2022, but Momo is not new to the art or convention world. She is a cosplay veteran of 17+ years, a seamstress & apparel designer, and has been drawing for over 20 years! She is an illustrator, graphic designer, apparel designer, technical designer, and pattern maker. Be it through conventions or online, she is always eager to collaborate with those that share the same goal, and aims to spread happiness and inspiration to all. Momo subscribes to five core values, and infuses these ideals into all aspects of her life. They are to:

Lead by Example, Embody Kindness, Advocate for Accessibility,

Fight for Diversity and Representation, and Support the Community

Current Location: Phoenix, Arizona, US

Origin: Midwest US (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana)

Pronouns: she/her, they/them

Professions: artist, designer, seamstress, retail

Education: Purdue University, Apparel Design (Bachelor's), and Art and Design (minor)

Art Programs: Procreate, Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate Dreams

Art Style: bright, colorful, poppy, cartoony, kawaii

Fan Art Ratio: roughly 70% fan art, 30% original art

Fan Art Genres: anime, gaming, cartoons, comics

Art Content Rating: 100% family-friendly content

Art Content: chibis, animals/creatures, pets, people, apparel, graphic design

Audience: anime and pop culture fans, any gender, generally ages 10-40, mostly US-based

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Products Overview

Ranging from accessories, to decor, to apparel, Momo's offerings are always expanding into new product lines! Scroll below to see examples of her products, as well as a small gallery of her merchandise.

Current Offerings:

• Vinyl Stickers

• 3" Pin-Back Buttons

• Matte Art Prints

• Baseball Caps

Online Offerings:

• Skater Dresses

• Unisex Joggers

• Cosplay Patterns

   (sewing & props)

Future Offerings:

• Acrylic Keychains

• Enamel Pins

• Tote Bags

• THair Accessories

Top Product!

Vinyl Stickers

All dishwasher-safe, and all UV-resistant, my stickers are made of a sturdy material that can be moved several times with minimal issue!


My designs come in a variety of finishes such as gold, holographic, glittery, clear, mirror, and so on.


By the Numbers

  • 70+ unique art designs

  • 2" to 4" in sizes

  • 100s currently in stock

  • $2 - $8 USD price range

Decorate Your Space

Matte Art Prints

All of my art prints are made at home- I do all of the printing and cutting in house. This allows me to have full control over the print quality, resulting in supremely vibrant pieces.

Currently, I am offering medium-sized matte prints, in the 7 to 9" range.


By the Numbers

  • 40+ design offerings

  • 6" to 9" in max lengths


  • dozens currently in stock

  • $12 USD

Useful AND Stylish

Baseball Caps

Who among us doesn't love a good baseball cap? And with my unique offerings, such as holographic glitter, shimmery fabrics, and adorned with unique embellishments, you'll both look cool and stay cool while keeping that sun out of your eyes! ;D


By the Numbers

  • 3 design offerings

  • one size fits most

  • limited quantities in stock

  • $12 - $15 USD price range

A Cosplayer's Must-Have

Unisex Joggers

Being a cosplayer myself, sometimes I know that we all just need a break. So this "Cosplayer On Break" line of joggers was made for just that! They've got pockets deep enough to fit a whole Nintendo Switch, and come in both vibrant, gamer-aesthetic gradients and more muted solid color offerings.


By the Numbers

  • 4 colorway offerings

  • XS to 3X size range

  • made to order only

  • $45.50 USD

Affordable Fun!

3" Buttons

Also known as pin-back badges, these nearly 3" buttons are handmade by yours truly! I handle all of the art, design, printing, cutting, and pressing right in my own home. This allows me to offer them at an incredible value, making it especially popular with the little ones.


By the Numbers

  • 50+ design offerings

  • 3" radius in size

  • dozens currently in stock

  • $4 USD

Show Your Pride!


Does your computer space need some sprucing up? Well look no further, I've got you covered! With more design options coming soon, my main offering for mousepads is my Pride Paw Pads collection, featuring color schemes of iconic LGBTQ+ flags in a stunning design.


By the Numbers

  • 10+ design offerings

  • 6" to 9" in max lengths

  • limited quantities in stock

  • $16 USD

Fantastical Fashions

Skater Dresses

Designed with comfort in mind, these stretchy, breezy, sleeveless, skater dresses come in an array of vibrant designs. I have not yet committed to manufacturing, so for now, my dresses are orderable online, and are on display at all of my events for you to see and feel up close!


By the Numbers

  • 15+ design offerings

  • XS to 3X size range

  • made to order only

  • $44.50 USD

Coming Soon!!


Made of a sturdy acrylic material, double-sided, and in an array of special finishes, these fun little accessories will be arriving in the summer of 2024.


More design options will be added over time, of course, so stay tuned for any and all updates!


By the Numbers

  • coming soon...

  • coming soon...

  • coming soon...

  • coming soon...

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