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MJ / Mary Jane Watson from Spider-Man Marvel Comics Costume by Momo Karinyo Cosplay
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Why Mary Jane?

Spider-man is undoubtedly my favorite Marvel franchise, and while I particularly have a soft spot for Felicia Hardy and have cosplayed her as Black Cat, Mary Jane Watson is a pretty fun character to cosplay too! With her many iterations, it's difficult to pin down one iconic look for her, but I would say that the ripped jeans and white Spider-heart crop top is one of the most recognizable images of MJ that we see today!


I did this cosplay shortly after moving across the country as a fun little project to ease myself back into crafting. It's so hard to want to tackle a large project right after your entire craftspace and home have been completely uprooted and rearranged! I'm still trying to find some of my Cricut cutting blades, hahaha.

Costume Stats

Started: October 2019

Completed: October 2019

Status: active

Wig by: Arda Wigs

Worn at: Phoenix Fan Fusion 2023

Awards: none

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About This Costume

With my new Cricut Maker, I was able to create the Spider-heart logo onto a white tee using heat transfer vinyl. I layered the black background first, and then the red on top. The result was an "almost screenprinted" look to it, that I could not have accomplished with fabric applique, which is what I had done for most of my graphic logos for cosplays in the past, such as on Supergirl and Elastigirl. 

The shirt was purchased for $3 from a TJ Maxx, and the denim shorts and alternate full-length pants were purchased from Amazon. I also got my thigh high socks from Amazon as well!

The wig I have had for some time- it's the same wig I use for Jessica Rabbit. I may play with some different shades of orange and styles in the future though, to see which look I like best for MJ!

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