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Miss America Chavez from Young Avengers, Multiverse of Madness, Marvel Comics Costume by Momo Karinyo Cosplay
Photo by Kwanye Cosplay
Why Mt. Lady?

Shortly after updating my Camie version 2 suit, I felt the itch to want to cosplay more heroes from My Hero Academia! While I had been working on Mirko for over a year, my heart settled on working on Mt. Lady first, since she had more plentiful color references. Plus, I had just been messing with Camie's bodysuit pattern, so I was in the mood to mess with another one for Mt. Lady!

Patterning bodysuits is one of my favorite things in sewing, I just love playing with the style lines and making a garment come out fitting like a glove. Additionally, her color scheme is so cute, and I wanted to have fun playing with some of the textures on her suit to make mine look wholly unique!

Costume Stats

Started: August 2019

Completed: work in progress

Status: work in progress

Wig by: BLUPLE Ash Blonde Lacefront (Amazon)

Worn at: plan to debut at MatsuriCon 2019

Awards: none

About This Costume

When it comes to sleek bodysuits, depending on the design, I try really hard  to avoid having any side seams on the garment if I can help it! I just love how clean and smooth the profile of the leg is when it is uninterrupted by a side seam. So I did the same with Mt. Lady! The only vertical seams on the suit are the inseam, center back seam, and of course, arm and shoulder seams. This was also a lot easier on me because then I didn't have to match up all the purple and white panels and orange trim on as many seams! So contrary to how tricky it is to pattern a one-panel cat suit, sewing it is INCREDIBLY easy!

As for the materials, I originally thought I would just approach it by using some matte spandex I had on hand, but because I'm always torn between "oh that looks fun to make!" and "I could just easily buy that cosplay for the same cost of materials", I wanted to try a more unique mix of materials. While there's definitely never anything wrong with a good ol' bought cosplay, I felt like if I wanted to justify making it on me own, I'd have to pick some more flashier fabrics to make spending the time on the suit more satisfying for me!

My second choice for materials was then to use some stretch pleather, but eventually I settled on eggplant  Mystique spandex for the purple panels, and matte white pearl/champagne Mystique for the off-white parts of her suit. The or

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