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Sailor Moon

Moon Prism Power! So... you may be asking why the heck Sailor Moon cosplays aren't just filed under the Anime section... and that's a good question! Well, as it would turn out, I have too many anime cosplays for the page to load properly apparently! So I've split Sailor Moon off specifically, as it is one of my most popular series I cosplay from, and one of the most frequent ones too. There's even some crossovers that I plan to post here, so it'll be a magical girl bonanza up in here! ^o^


Check out the Anime page to see the other anime cosplays that I've done.!

Costumes displayed with a 🏆 trophy symbol next to them indicate that this costume

was recognized with a craftsmanship or performance award!

Where the 📌 red thumbtack appears, this costume has a pattern

for sale in my Etsy shop! Click the costume to be directed to the patterns.

Click each image to follow a link to view photos, costume stats, construction notes, and more!

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