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New Costume Updates! Spyro the Dragon, Symmetra, and Tess from Jak and Daxter!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I had an amazing time at KentokyoCon North, and I'm hoping I can go to their main show, KentokyoCon in Lexington (or Kentokyo Prime, as we've dubbed it!) because it was a blast! I debuted three new cosplays: Korra from Legend of Korra, Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon, and Ranka from Macross Frontier. Photos of those costumes will be posted as soon as I get photos back!

Today, I was able to update three more costume info pages- Spyro, Symmetra, and Tess! Completing these three has rounded out my gaming cosplays for the time being. That is, of course, until more gaming cosplays get added. Sooooon, hahaha!

For Spyro the Dragon, read up on how I did my accessories! I used some pretty unconventional techniques for the claws, horns, fins, and wings. The tail was also surprisingly simple as well! I hope to get many more photos of this outfit in the future. I'm trying to debate which convention I would like to wear this to again. To see which cons I've worn Spyro to in the past, as well as see my current photos, click here!

Next up was Symmetra, or as I have nicknamed it, "Swimmetra"! While I have always wanted to do her main outfit since seeing her initial design launched when the game went live, it was still pretty fun to do this little project for ColossalCon, which is known for it's swimsuit cosplays, due to there being a pretty awesome waterpark at the resort! I don't have too many photos added just yet, but I will have to hunt for more to share with you! I know they're out there, I've just lost track of them, haha. In the meantime, to read up on the insane deadline of just a few hours I created for myself by starting this project the DAY I was leaving for the con, check it out here!

Last, but never least, we have Tess from the Jak and Daxter games! This was my first video game cosplay ever, and one of my earlier ones that I made while I was learning to sew in college. I had made costumes before, but I had NO idea what I was doing haha. Read up on how I was able to put together this oldie but cutie on her page here!

Even though KentokyoCon North has wrapped up already, my next cons will be OhayoCon next weekend- just for fun, not as a guest! Then the weekend after that, I will be (weather permitting!!) appearing at Wizard World St. Louis as a guest! I'll be assisting with judging the contest, and I will have a booth and hosting panels as well. While I'm away, Akakioga Cosplay will be watching over it for me, so come and meet her as well! After that, I will be at KatsuCon, and I am planning some local shows in March so I'll keep you updated on which ones those are. Con season is officially on, so I will be quite the busy bee! See you all at the next con!

Photo by Koji

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