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Appearing at OhayoCon as a Fan Guest of Honor in January 2019!

I am SO excited to share the news with you all that I will be appearing at OhayoCon 2019 as one of their many esteemed Fan Guests of Honor alongside amazing talent such as Oriana Peron, Tim Harrison, Vitamin H, and more! So all weekend long I will be presenting content such as panels, workshops, appearances, autograph sessions, as well as be available for meet-and-greets at my booth where I will have my various wares on display!

OhayoCon is the Midwest's largest winter anime convention, and a perfect pick-me-up after all the exhaustion of returning to work and school after the winter holidays. I've been attending Ohayo for a few years, as a cosplayer, casual attendee, and as a masquerade contestant where I placed in Best Masters as Sailor Neptune with Anya Braddock as Sailor Uranus back in 2017! So needless to say, after all these years it is truly special and humbling to be invited to attend their show as a Fan Guest of Honor. While I don't yet have my line up (that will be posted closer to the event when they have their program schedule more solidified), I expect that it'll be a weekend full of fun, and dare I say, maybe even some educational value? Hey, if it's learning about cosplay, it can't be all bad, right? It's not like you're gonna have a pop quiz at the end. Probably. ;P

I'm also really looking forward to debuting a few new costumes as well! So far, it seems like my lineup will include three bunnies and one fox! Sounds like the set up of some kind of fairy tale.... I'll be posting my lineup after Halloween, so keep an eye out! Worst case, if I end up not finishing all of my ideas, I think Taelia the Snow Faerie would be warm and cozy. Or maybe I could rock a cute ensemble for the after hours featuring some of the merchandise that can be bought from my booth and my Etsy shop. No matter what I end up wearing, I'm super hype to take photos with all the amazing people and costumes! Especially if we're cosplaying the same series, you can BET I'll want a pic with you!

I can't wait to see what we have in store for everyone there! I'll post my schedule and cosplay lineup as soon as plans fall into place. Look forward to it! ;3

Photo by Koji

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