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Blue Rose / Karina Lyle from Tiger and Bunny Costume from Tiger and Bunny by Momo Karinyo Cosplay
Photo by Anna Cosplay Photography
Photo by Goldeneyeuro
Photo by The Enthusiasts
Why Blue Rose?

Tiger and Bunny is a fun anime about superheroes in the hypothetical future. The show follows them through the media, which is a mixture of the news, sports, and a reality television show. It's all about who can save the day first, and who looks the best doing it!


Blue Rose always aims to impress with her eyecatching outfit, and fantastic poses. She's an incredibly fun character with a beautiful design, and one day I would love to remake this to the best of my abilities! This was a very advanced costume for my skill level at the time, but I have no doubt I could do it even more justice now!

Costume Stats

Started: December 2011

Completed: May 2012

Status: retired

Wig by: Cosplay-Wig

Worn at: Anime Central 2012

Awards: Day 1 Studios Choice Award - Anime Central 2012

About This Costume

The suit is a combination of spandex for the dark blue, and gold ribbon for the stripes. The skirt is chiffon, and the breastplates are clear baubles, spray painted from the inside, and padded with foam. Clear straps help to keep the outfit all up. A separate swimsuit-like bottom helps keep the modest, along with very thick dance tights! The neck piece is kind of a mess of blue spandex and gold ribbon, safety pinned to stay on. Not my best tailoring, but I was still new to sewing.


The gloves were bought, and I added the top bands using Casa satin and gold ribbon. I also painted on black polyester the Pepsi logo (yes she actually has these in the show), and stitched it to the glove. The nails are plastic crystals, which I removed the silver backing by using nail polish remover, and repainted with light blue nail polish. I glued these to the glove, but they had a hard time staying.


The tiara is blue film, bridged between thick white plastic pieces. I glued ribbon to the tiara, but it seemed to warm the plastic, resulting in the wavy look. It stays in my wig by sliding in with little metal combs.


The wig is... well, the wig... I tried. It was originally a long blue wig that I tried to completely restyle into a swept up-do, but I did not actually reweft, and simply used clear caulking to glue random pieces of hair to the wig. At the time, it seemed brilliant, okay? Haha.


My guns are a sad combination of posterboard, PVC pipe, craft foam, wood dowels, and plastic rings and funnels. I'm sure if I did the design with something like worbla, they would've been more sturdy and less sloppy, but even then, the guns were scaled just a bit too large! They would look too big if I were to place them in my thigh holster, which I never made anyways- oops.


As for the boots, they were bought online, and the paint job, and cuffs were done the same way as my gloves. I had to hand stitch on the Pepsi logo. I did not add her gun holster, merely because I lacked the skill and time to do so.

I used blue contacts and blue false eyelashes, paired with bright blue eyeshadow for my eyes and lips to give the look that "frosty but sexy" look!


Another thing I never finished were her white thorns on her suit. Gah- like I said, one day, I really want to remake this!! Maybe sometime soon. ;D

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