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Anime & Manga

Momo's passion for cosplay first started out with dressing up as anime characters from shows like Haruhi Suzumiya and Rosario + Vampire! Although Momo is known for her Disney cosplays, she actually has far more anime cosplays than any other genre. Some were from her early days of cosplay, when she first started out buying costumes, but as she grew more talented, she began to make her own!

My Sailor Senshi costumes have been moved to their own page, since this one's gallery was getting a bit heavy for some browsers to load! Go on over there to view all of my Sailor Moon related content. ^_^

Costumes displayed with a 🏆 trophy symbol next to them indicate that this costume

was recognized with a craftsmanship or performance award!

Where the 
📌 red thumbtack appears, this costume has a pattern for sale in my shop! 

Click each image to follow a link to view photos, costume stats, construction notes, and more!

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