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Welcome to the Pattern Resources page! Here, you can access various details about my patterns in one convenient, up-to-date area, such as tutorial links, purchase links, descriptions, etc. For patterns that have them available, you'll also be able to access supplementary documents, such as cutting or fitting guides. Both my blog and YouTube tutorials are always free to view, but are not yet available for all patterns. I appreciate your patience as I expand my pattern and tutorial libraries!

This page was last updated on August 13, 2023. More pattern resources coming soon!

Momo Karinyo Size Chart 2021

OSFA is short for "One Size Fits All/Most". Many of the OSFA patterns are for accessories that do not require fitting to the body, such as hair bows or props. However, you may opt to change the scale of the pattern at your discretion, in order to achieve a more desirable proportion for your project.

The PV# stands for "Pattern Version Number" and indicates what the most up to date version of the pattern is available. If yours does not match the current PV#, or your pattern does not have a PV#, you likely do not have the most recent version. Reach out to me with your order number from my site/Etsy shop at to find out if you would benefit from having a newer version.

#1224 Holiday Hat - Mini and Full Size   (Sewing Pattern)
• 1 PDF - 16 pages     • PV# 01120021     • Sizes Available: OSFA
Difficulty Level: Easy / Beginner-Friendly

Perfect for the holiday season, these Santa hat patterns were inspired by the Sailor Moon Christmas dresses, as seen in a series of petite figurines. Available in three sizes for full size, and one size for the mini hat. The patterns can be scaled larger or smaller to your preferences by adjusting the print scales.

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#1301 Glamour Bow   (Sewing Pattern)
• 1 PDF - 8 pages     • PV# 01120021     • Sizes Available: OSFA
Difficulty Level: Easy / Beginner-Friendly

The Glamour Bow pattern is a part of my Magical Girl pattern series, but can be used for an array of projects, such as costumes, cosplay, or even decor! They are great for Disney Princesses, Sailor Moon bows, and many other magical types of characters. The Glamour Bow likewise makes a fantastic holiday accessory or decorative piece.

#1302 Wumbow  - Oversized Bow with 7 Tail Options   (Sewing Pattern)
• 1 PDF - 20 pages     • PV# 01120021     • Sizes Available: OSFA
Difficulty Level: Easy / Beginner-Friendly

A larger version of the Glamour Bow, the Wumbow also comes with interchangeable tail options, each named and labeled as different styles, such as the Maid Bow or the Bunny Bow. Similar to pattern 1301, this pattern is fantastic for mythical princesses, magical beings, and even makes a stunning statement piece for home decor.

Photo Mar 03, 10 55 16 AM.jpg
#1310 Sailor Collar
• 1 PDF - 7 pages     • PV# 04140022     • Sizes Available: XS/S/M
Difficulty Level: Easy / Beginner-Friendly

Meant to go with my Magical Girl series, this Sailor Collar pattern will have you feeling nautical in no time! It can be used for Sailor Uniforms, casual fashion, naval costumes, and more! Currently in the process of being made into more sizes, this base pattern from 2016-2017 is generally a fine fit for sizes Extra Small, Small, and Medium. It is a detachable collar, which snaps to a garment at the front. Please note that this collar has to be able to open up or detach, since the cut at the neckline is not large enough to allow a head to easily pass through. You can use ribbon, snaps, hook and eye, buttons, etc. to help "anchor" your collar to your outfit. (See what I did there?)

Photo Mar 03, 1 18 58 PM copy.jpg
#1322 Sleeveless Leotard - XS to XL   (Sewing Pattern)
• 1 PDF - 27 to 35 pages     • PV# 03100021     • Sizes Available: XS to L
                                               • PV# 02100022     • Sizes Available: XL
#1322 Sleeveless Leotard - X1 to X5   (Sewing Pattern)
• 1 to 2 PDFs - 36 to 57 pages     • PV# 14100021     • Sizes Available: X1 to X5
Difficulty Level: Easy / Beginner-Friendly

Perfect for superheroes and magical girl uniforms, such as the Sailor Senshi squad, this 4-panel sleeveless leotard made of spandex or lycra is fantastic for high-action posing and moving. Each size comes with 3 length options: short, regular, and tall. Since they can be mix-and-matched between top and bottom panels, you'll get multiple options to adjust your fit! Included with the pattern is a brief fitting guide with suggestions and examples to aide you in altering the pattern to best fit your needs.

#1325 Magical Girl Circle Skirt - XS to X5   (Sewing Pattern)
• 1 PDF - 10 to 21 pages     • PV# 10010022     • Sizes Available: XS to X1
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Designed specifically for the classic appearance of the 90's anime Sailor Moon, this quarter circle pattern will get you started on making your very own stylish hero skirt! In order to save your printer ink, the quarter circle can be mirrored 1 time for a half circle, or twice for a full circle using any type of scrap paper you desire. A cutting guide is included with each pattern download for your convenience. Video tutorial updates coming soon.

Photo Mar 04, 3 59 12 PM.jpg
#1330 Magical Girl Accessories   (Sewing and Accessories Templates)
• 1 PDF - 17 pages     • PV# 02220022     • Sizes Available: OSFA/Multiple Sizes
Difficulty Level: Easy / Beginner-Friendly

This pattern contains pieces for accessories in the Magical Girl series such as glove rolls (double and triple layer options, as well as angled versions for Neptune and Uranus), hair accessory templates for Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon, a sewing pattern for Venus's hair bow, and two versions of tiaras: a thicker classic 90's anime tiara, and a thinner manga/Crystal style tiara. It also has patterns for the ribbon choker, and angled boot-topper stripes for characters like Pluto, Mercury, Chibi Moon, and Sailor Moon. Lastly, it also has the unique "Saturn glove petal" included as well. While most of the items are OSFA (one size fits all), some of the items have adjustable length options, such as the glove rolls, Saturn glove petal, choker, boot-toppers, and glove rolls.

#3301 Spiral Power Sniper Rifle   (Prop Template)
• 1 PDF - 9 pages     • PV# 01120021     • Sizes Available: OSFA
Difficulty Level: Varies Based On Construction Method

Intended to be a scalable template for Yoko's rifle, as seen in Gurren Lagann, this PDF is not meant to be a full construction pattern, so it does not include assembly instructions. You'll pick your own materials and techniques, so this project will require some creativity, but this reference will help you keep things to scale during your build. 

#6330 Fantasy Thief Blade   (Prop Template)
• 1 PDF - 6 pages     • PV# 03100021     • Sizes Available: OSFA
Difficulty Level: Varies Based On Construction Method

Use this template to create the famous flywheels, as wielded by Rikku, Yuna, and Paine in Final Fantasy! This is an assembly template only, and does not include construction scematics or instructions. You can make it in any fashion or material you see fit, such as lightweight wood, thermoplastics, foam, etc. so assembly and difficulty may vary.

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