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Awards & Honors


🏆 Here are some of the awards I've won for my cosplays! 🏆


Some have been awarded in honor of my construction techniques, needlework, or presentation of character or skit performance. The awards listed here are from conventions only, but some of my other costumes have also earned special honors. Explore the rest of my site to see which others have also snagged an accolade!

You may notice that from 2011-2020 my awards are addressed to Momo Kurumi,

my former name. 2021 marks the first year in which I am known as Momo Kariño.

Click on the purple links to go to each costume's info page!


TaiyouCon: Best Craftsmanship for Lucky Star Winter Uniform


Lvl Up Expo: Best Craftsman* for Chocola

TaiyouCon: Best Masters Craftsmanship for Nessa

* Craftsman category equivalent to masters level of competition


Indy PopCon Ultimate Cosplay Championship: Judge's Choice for Officer Jenny


Louisville SuperCon Masquerade: Best Group for Officer Jenny & Brock

Louisville SuperCon Costume Competition: Judge's Choice for Chocola

Louisville SuperCon Supergirls & Superboys Contest: Best in Show for Psylocke

Louisville SuperCon Runway Contest: Judge's Choice for Spyro

MatsuriCon: Runner-Up Masters for Princess Odette

MatsuriCon Fashion Show: Best Dressed for Princess Aurora Dapper Day Dress

KentokyoCon: Best Masters for Princess Kida

Lexington Comic and Toy Con: Best Needlework for Princess Anna

KatsuCon: Jezeroth's Judge's Choice and James Arcadius' Judge's Choice for Chocola


ShumatsuCon: Judge's Choice for Princess Odette

Anime Crossroads: Best Masters for Princess Belle

OhayoCon: Best Masters for Sailor Neptune (duo with Anya Braddock as Uranus)


KabochaCon: First Place for Mizore Shirayuki

MatsuriCon: Best Masters for Sailor Mars (Version 2)

LA CosplayCon: Best Hero for Moana

TitanCon: Best In Show for Sailor Mars (Version 1)

Long Beach Comic Expo: Best Construction for Princess Aurora


KokomoCon: Honorable Mention for Princess Belle

Long Beach Comic Expo: Best Hero for Spyro


Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo: 3rd in Movies and Television for Princess Anna


MatsuriCon: Best Masters for Space Faerie

MatsuriCon: Judge's Choice for Skit "Heroes of Cosplay"

Anime Central: Runner-Up Journeyman for Sheryl Nome


SugoiCon: Best Western Media Cosplay for Esmeralda

MatsuriCon: Judge's Choice for Tess

AnimeWorld Indy: Best Advanced for Nagi

Anime Central: Day 1 Studios Choice Award for Blue Rose

A&G Ohio: Best Novice for Tess


Anime Crossroads: Honorable Mention for Yoko Littner

KollisionCon: Best Craftsmanship for Yoko Littner

SugoiCon: Judge's Choice for Yoko Littner



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