Faye Valentine

Cowboy Bebop
Photo by Koji (mobile phone)
Photo by Koji (mobile phone)
Why Faye?

I had considered doing Faye for some time, especially since I've already done Julia and Ed, but was always apprehensive to do so, because Faye's outfit is so colorful and... "interesting" that it's really hard to not make it look supremely tacky. But when I heard a friend was doing a big Cowboy Bebop group for Anime Central, I knew I had to file in as Faye, since it's SO hard to find a full group, especially with Jet!

I also asked Anya Braddock if she'd like to do Julia for the group, and luckily she happily joined in! Thanks to everyone in this group, it's actually pretty rare that I ever do group cosplays since they can be SO hard to organize, but I'm usually the most flexible one, so whipping out Faye was no problem for me! Just unfortunate that I had forgotten my DSLR for Anime Central! Darn!

Costume Stats

Started: May 2018

Completed: May 2018

Status: active

Wig by: Arda Wigs

Worn at: Anime Central 2018

Awards: none

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About This Costume

I did all the patterning on this costume with the exception of the red shirt/jacket thing. But I'll probably make that too eventually, but for time's sake, I bought a cute crop top from Forever 21 which I altered by removing a ruffle on the neckline, shortening the ties in the front, and scrunching up the sleeves.

The yellow was all stretch vinyl, and the suspenders are elastic. The top was a bit tricky to pattern in a rush, and though I mostly figured it out, I goofed up on the facing by the button, so that's why it looks a little funky there. The buttons on the top and shorts are done in resin, sculpted, molded, and cast by me! The buttons on the suspenders were done in PETG plastic, but the glue melted the paint on them, so I'll be redoing those.


My original stockings from We Love Colors originally came in being a bit too pale so I tried to dye them and overdid it (they came out like bubble gum pink haha), so in a hurry, I picked up some replacements from Walmart, removing the lace from the top of them in the car ride to ACen. They worked for the photos but are real nasty quality, so I'll be replacing them.

The boots were also from Forever 21, and I actually really liked the straps on them, so decided to leave them. The heel and sole was originally black, though, so I taped off the pleather parts and painted the heel white to match.

I had planned to ventilate the Arda wig to have a more natural looking hairline, but due to time constraints, was unable to do this. Taht's okay! I planned to double dip the wig with Raven from Teen Titans, so I wasn't going to go too crazy with it anyways!

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