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Photo by Kwanye Cosplay
Photo by Kwanye Cosplay
Why Kagome?

Inuyasha is such a classic anime, and I adore the nostalgic feeling I get whenever I see Kagome cosplayers, so I wanted to join in on the fun! I was also going through a phase where I wanted to build up my repertoire of comfy and low-effort, but well-made costumes to wear at cons where I'm having a busy day with lots of work, or for Sundays when I'm tired, but still want to be in cosplay!

There's definitely more Inuyasha cosplays I want to do, and I actually started one other before starting Kagome, but you know me- I'm always jumping from project to project! So in the future, I hope to add even more looks from this amazing, timeless show.

Initially started in the summer of 2019, I had to pause the project during my move to Arizona, so it was shelved for a few months until 2020. I later got re-inspired to work on her again after contemplating doing a Simca cosplay from Air Gear, and trying to see if I could double dip the same green sailor collar. Turns out, I totally can!


Also, the desire to cosplay Simca may or may not have stemmed from my recently acquired hobby of roller skating, hahaha! Either way, just happy to have had some motivation to finish cosplay again! 2020 was surely a huge blocker on motivation, with all of my cons and events cancelled, understandably.

Costume Stats

Started: July 2019

Completed: November 2020

Status: active

Wig by: Arda Wigs - Venus classic in black

Worn at: Tekko 2022, TaiyouCon 2024

Awards: none

About This Costume

I initially made the green parts on the top out of a green satin I had laying around from an old Sailor Jupiter commission that never ended up working out. The green is slightly darker than my Jupiter collar, so that's why I didn't just reuse that one.


The red bow and panel behind the collar are actually sewn together and snap to the blouse and the back of the collar. The points of the sailor collar snap into the green knot on the bow. I know this isn't the traditional assembly of this garment, however I was just going for easy to make, easy to put on, and looks great and consistent in all photos. No having to finagle with tying a bow perfectly each time.

The skirt, however, is made of a double-layered green poplin. I attempted to put pockets into the pleated satin skirt, but it just never sat right, so I ditched that attempt and remade it in this cheaper material to save the satin for something more worthwhile. Socks I had on hand from Kurumu, and Shoes on hand from Haruhi.

For the wig, I used a black Venus from Arda Wigs, which I styled to have a more poofy appearance, while still looking straight. Gotta love that classic anime hair fullness!


For the bow, I bought a functional 40 lb straight bow from Dielast Archery on Etsy for a very fair price! I wrapped some scrap stretch lining around the middle to match. Additionally, I made a looser bow string using some scrap I had around so that I can pose with the arrow without fatiguing. Besides, posing with a loaded projectile is a bit dangerous! Best to conserve energy, and be safe, heheh.


Using materials from around the house, I created my own arrow (so it's probably less functional haha). The stick is a wood dowel, arrow head is scrap Worbla, and the wrap at the base of it is a piece of leather string. The feathers were trimmed to shape, and glued at the spine, and then wrapped with heat shrink for extra security. I also notched the arrow at the base so it hooks onto the bow string.

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