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Photo by Koji
Why Pinkie Pie?

I was inspired to do this costume when hemming an absurdly full skirt during my short stint in alterations as a seamstress. Every time I tried to lay the skirt out flat, it reminded me of these fun kids parachutes! I thought it would be fun to take that idea and turn it into a skirt and take that to ColossalCon, but wondered what context I should do it in. Should I do it as a completely original concept or design, or incorporate it into an existing character? And if so, which character?

I had been recently rewatching My Little Pony on Netflix while I worked on projects at home, so I thought Pinkie Pie was a natural choice for a character! I started to brainstorm more about her design and thought the pink would look great with the colorful parachute, similar to all the colorful balloons and party favors she's constantly surrounded by! So thus, the Pinkie Pie Party Princess design was born!

Costume Stats

Started: May 2017

Completed: May 2017

Status: active

Wig by: Purple Plum - Yaya Han's Pinkie Pie

Worn at: ColossalCon 2017

Awards: none

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About This Costume

This costume was so much fun to do because it has so much PINK! I made parts of it for the occasion, while I used other items that I had on hand. All of the materials aside from the parachute were items I had on hand though! I had the ears from Yaya Han that I bought a few year's back at Anime Central. They were originally white with pink fuzz, so I painted them pink to match Pinkie's coat color.


The visor was also an extra I had that came included when I bought my visor for my Volleyball Stocking swimsuit. I didn't do anything special to it but I would like to perhaps jazz it up some more if I wear this again! The pink lei on the wrist and my blue shutter shades are also from my Beach Episode Stocking cosplay. I bought the parachute from Amazon, and also got other props online and from Walmart such as inner tubes, beach balls, a whistle, and more! I was way ready to party, and even made a music playlist of fun songs for it, haha!

The swimsuit is made of light pink Mystique, but facing the wrong way, and lined with pink piqué knit, since I had both on hand. The knit doesn't like to dry though since it has some cotton in it, so I have to make sure dry it really well after swimming! The pink mesh in the middle was scraps from my Jhuidah the Island Faerie wings.

All in all, this cosplay was a great example of combining handmade items, with bought items, and found items and materials to make a whole new cosplay! Hopefully one day I can get a full My Little Pony swimsuit group together!

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