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"What're you lookin' at, haven't you ever seen a dragon before?"

This adorable dragon chibi  inspired from my Spyro cosplay is now available in sticker form! This is my first line of stickers ever! It is die-cut with a a high gloss finish and super crisp print so clear that you can count the dragon scales! This art was drawn and designed by yours truly, so it's a doubly Momo-infused item. These are first edition stickers folks, and a small batch at that, so don't hesitate or they'll be gone before you know it!


They'll be shipped in small envelopes, sandwiched between thin cardboard to help protect the sticker. 

Chibi Spyro Sticker

  • No returns available on stickers. Please contact me at if you have any concerns about your order, thank you!

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