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•••What's Included•••
This posting is for Pattern 1330, the Magical Girl Accessories Pattern. Included are patterns to help you make a hair bow, tiaras (both thick and thin versions included), ribbon choker, triple tier glove rolls, double tier glove rolls with option of glove roll petal, angled glove rolls, odango hair clips, and feather hair clips.


This is for the digital PATTERN ONLY. This is a DIY or "do it yourself" listing. No refunds are available for any digital downloads.


UPDATE AVAILABLE: All patterns as of 2021 and forward are labeled with a special code, so that you can check to see if you have the most recent version. The SKU for this item is: 1330-OSFA-02220022. The last 8 digits are marked by the grain line on each pattern panel- this is your pattern version number.


If I update to a newer version later, you are always welcome to message me so I can send you the upgrade for free. If your pattern is from 2020 or earlier, you will not have a pattern code, but you can also upgrade your pattern for free too. Simply tell me your order number so I can confirm, and I will be happy to upgrade your file for you. To see information about most recent pattern versions, along with other helpful resources, visit my webpage:


Though most pieces included are OSFA or "one size fits all" a few pieces such as the choker and glove rolls come with some basic sizing variations for your convenience. If more or less than the sizes offered is needed, feel free to make modifications as necessary!


•••File and Printing•••
The file is formatted as a PDF and recommended to be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper. It is 17 pages long.


WHEN PRINTING DO NOT PRINT FRONT AND BACK. Be sure to uncheck any setting that will cause your printer to print front and back, since you will have to cut each piece out. You'll then tape the matching pieces together. Each collar style will have three pieces total, but you can use scrap paper to mirr