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•••What's Included•••
This posting is for pattern 6330, which I used for my Rikku cosplay costume! Pattern 6330 contains a template for the thief blade (aka flywheels) that are seen being wielded by Yuna, Paine, and Rikku herself! I also have included color palettes for all three versions, which you can of course alter to your needs. You can even paint it totally original colors, whatever your heart desires!

This pattern is intended as a scale and size reference and tracing template only, it does not illustrate specific assembly of this project. It is merely a guide to assist you in this build, but you are free to interpret it as you please, and even change various elements to suit your needs.

The accessory set is intended to be one size fits all, but can be scaled up or down as desired. The finished length of one blade if printed at 100% scale is about 21 inches, or 1ft 9in.

•••File and Printing•••
All patterns are recommended to be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper. The pattern is formatted as a PDF, and ideally should print to scale normally, but be sure to check your print settings. Do not print as a poster, as the file is already arranged in a packet format.

WHEN PRINTING DO NOT PRINT FRONT AND BACK. Be sure to uncheck any setting that will cause your printer to print front and back, since you will have to cut the patterns out. It is not necessary to print the guides, vocabulary, etc. if you wish to conserve paper. It is also not necessary to print in color.

When printing this pattern, cut only the lines on the perimeter. Match the dotted circles with their corresponding letters (A to A, B to B, C to C) and tape the pieces together to form the full pattern pieces.

With this pattern, there is no provided method of construction, as it can be approached in many different ways with a wide variety of tools and materials. But I'm happy to assist and answer questions as much as I can!

•••Other Info•••
Included in the patterns are a Metric and Imperial ruler, to help you approximate equivalent measurements.

These patterns are for *personal use ONLY*. Please do not use these to do commissions for others, including 3D prints or custom made props, and do not reproduce, redistribute, or otherwise make profit from this content. Thank you!

•••Contact Me•••
If you have any other questions about this listing, feel free to message me here, or send me an email at

DIY- Thief Blade Prop Template

  • No refunds available on digital downloads

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