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•••What's Included•••
This posting is for my Wumbow pattern, Pattern 1302. Larger than the Glamour bow and with SEVEN bow tail options, it is perfect for magical girls, elegant princesses, fancy boys, or even decorating your home! A bow this big isn't going to be missed. ;3

This is for the digital PATTERN ONLY. This is a DIY or "do it yourself" listing. No refunds are available for any digital downloads. If you would like a custom-made bow, I have one available to purchase here:

Though generally it is OSFA or "one size fits all”, you may wish to rescale the pattern depending on the project! You can use your printer settings to help you scale the patterns up or down.

•••File and Printing•••
The pattern is formatted as a PDF and is 20 pages in total. The pattern is recommended to be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper. 

WHEN PRINTING DO NOT PRINT FRONT AND BACK. Be sure to uncheck any setting that will cause your printer to print front and back, since you will have to cut each piece out. You'll then tape the matching pieces together. It is not necessary to print the guides, vocabulary, etc. if you wish to conserve paper. It is also not necessary to print in color.

Included with this pattern, for free, is a YouTube tutorial that shows you how to create the bow! The video is free to view whether or not you purchase the pattern. Though it is intended for the Glamour Bow pattern, it can be applied to the Wumbow pattern pack as well. You can view it here:

•••Other Info•••
Apologies for international buyers, the pattern is in Imperial units, but included in the pattern is a Metric and Imperial ruler, to help you approximate equivalent measurements.

These patterns are for *personal use ONLY*. Please do not use these to do commissions for others, and do not reproduce, redistribute, or otherwise make profit from this content. Thank you!

•••Contact Me•••
If you have any other questions about this listing, feel free to message me here, or send me an email at

DIY- Wumbow Pattern with 7 Tail Options!

$10.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
  • No refunds available on digital downloads

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