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This beachy, summery island friend is a glossy vinyl sticker with clear edges that is sure to show your love for Neo! At a size of 2.7 x 2.3 inches wide/tall, this little friend can fit just about anywhere! Please be advised: the outer edges appear white in some photos, because the paper backing is white, however the stickers you will receive will have clear edges, not white.


They'll be shipped in sealed bags in small envelopes, sandwiched between card stock to help protect the sticker. To keep shipping costs for low, tracking is not provided unless requested (for an additional charge), or if you order $30 or more of shipped goods.


Feel free to send me a message, or email at any time you'd like an update on the status of a sticker order!

Tropical Mysterious Island Eyrie Vinyl Sticker with Clear Edges

SKU: 5921-1060
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