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Why Selena?

Selena Quintanilla, a Tejano musician, is a legend in her own right. She was famous for her music and fashion, but was tragically betrayed by her fan club manager, who fatally injured her in a confrontation. Despite her loss at such a young age, she changed the music landscape for Latinas and other Latino artists everywhere. Her music is still so fun and upbeat to dance to, and I feel nostalgic whenever I listen to it!


Being that she was from Texas, and my mom's family is from there as well, she was a major idol for me growing up! I wish she were still around today so that I could see how much more progress she would have made for the Latinx and Hispanic community. Selena even had a biopic that was arguably the launch of Jennifer Lopez's career, as she portrayed the singer in the 1997 film. 


Needless to say, it was a huge honor to make this costume and pay homage to one of my beloved idols in what may just be one of her most famous outfits, as this was the costume she wore in what is now referred to as The Last Concert. Rest in peace, La Reina <3 Your spirit lives in the dreams of young Latina artists everywhere today!

Costume Stats

Started: October 2016

Completed: October 2016

Status: active

Wig by: none - used my natural hair ;3

Worn at: Animatic Con 2017, DragonCon 2017, A-Kon 2019

Awards: Best Costume - Legion Halloween Contest

About This Costume

I used this amazing glitter spandex from Joann fabrics to make this stunning and classic bodysuit. It was pretty straight forward- the top was the only difficult part to pattern! Unfortunately, because of the fabric's properties, the glitter does rub off overtime... womp womp. So perhaps I will remake this in the future in sequins!

I made silver boot covers in mystique spandex to mimic her silver shoes. The microphone was just a cheapie pop star mic from Party City, and I used earrings I had on hand just to complete the look. All in all, a great costume for Halloween, and also fun to bring smiles to people who were and still are fans of her music!

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