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Photo by Anya Braddock Cosplay
Photo by Kwanye Cosplay
Photo by Kwanye Cosplay
Why Tsukasa?

I've been wanting to do this cheer dress for like 10 years now, ever since high school, and finally I went and made the dress, but now the hard part is getting a group together! But I could always be my own group, since I have wigs for five of the girls XD

I was originally planning to be just Misao, Konata, and Miyuki, but thanks to a gracious sponsorship from Purple Plum Wigs, I was able to also add Kagami and Tsukasa to my line up! Because the set has detachable pigtails, it actually works for both of them! I just take off the pigtails for Tsukasa, all though I think I might get just a slightly longer wig for her since I don't fancy myself much in super short cuts, although they do tangle a lot less! ;P

• • •

Buy the Cheer Dress Pattern here!

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Costume Stats

Started: June 2017

Completed: March 2018

Status: active

Wig by: Purple Plum Wigs- Miku in Lavender Purple

Worn at: not yet debuted at a con

Awards: none

About This Costume

Made this back in summer of 2017 originally, but crafted some little hair accessories to go with the Purple Plum wig to be able to do Tsukasa and Kagami! The bow/headband for Kagami were done with scraps of sunshine matte satin, leftover from my Sailor Venus costume, and glued onto an existing headband.

The dress is all made of spandex- the purple is mystique fabric, but using the backside. The white parts are Yaya Han's matte spandex, and the green stripe was done in stretch sequin trim from Joann. The star was done in glitter craft vinyl, and the white stripe on the straps with white bias tape!

Socks are from We Love Colors- I doubled them up for more opacity! The shoes are from Payless.

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Winter Uniform
Why Tsukasa?

Much like the cheer dress, the winter (and summer!) uniforms have been a dream cosplay of mine for years now. I finally got around to doing it, and feel so proud. Although regret doing it so late because rarely anyone cosplays from it anymore- or even recognizes it, haha- it is nice that I now have the skills to execute it in the way I always envisioned it. <3

Of course, the blue summer fuku is one I must do soon too!

Costume Stats

Started: November 2020

Completed: August 2021

Status: active

Wig by: Purple Plum Wigs- Megumi in Lavender Purple

Worn at: PixyPros Tempe Cosplay Night Aug 2021

Awards: none

About This Costume

Started this in November 2020, and later completed it in the summer of 2021. Had literally everything finished but the zipper, and then moving and house renovations happened, so had to take a break. The blouse is made of a thick but soft knit fabric, which feels so comfortable to wear! The bow is scraps from leftover pink satin of my Aurora cosplay. It snaps on and off.

The sailor collar also snaps on and off, and is made of interfaced poplin, with bias tape for the stripes. Same for the cuffs! The skirt is likewise made of poplin, and has a white poplin lining on the inside. Intended to use a lighter weight lining, but lost track of where the material went after moving, haha.

The bow was reused from when I did her cheer uniform. I ended up styling an all new wig for her because I wanted something slightly longer than before. I used shorter bamboo knit socks for her, which double dip with my Lum school uniform cosplay. All in all, this was a fun easy cosplay to do!

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