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Elastigirl Costume from The Incredibles by Momo Karinyo Cosplay
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by The Enthusiasts
Why Elastigirl?

Hands down, without a doubt, Incredibles is my absolute favorite movie! I could watch it a hundred times and never tire of it. So of course I had to cosplay from it! I happened to have some leftover red sparkly spandex from Space Faerie which is what inspired me to do the retro or "Golden Years" version of Elastigirl. I still, of course, want to do the redesigned red suit also, as well as her new suit from the sequel!

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Costume Stats

Started: June 2013

Completed: July 2013

Status: active

Wig by: Arda Wigs

Worn at: MatsuriCon 2013

Awards: none

About This Costume

Overall, this was a pretty easy costume to make! The suit is in a few parts- the top, bottoms, sleeves, and gloves, plus stockings, and red boots. Can't forget the mask and headband also! Everything was patterned by me, and it was one of my early superhero suits, so I would possible like to revisit this look in the future sometime. ;3

The white suit is made of milliskin, and lined with white athletic lining. The waistband and tops of the stockings have wide band elastic in them to give them some structure and stability to stay in place. Go figure I use elastic in an Elastigirl costume, right? The logo on the suit is black mystique and silver metallic spandex applique. 

The mask was a kids' craft mask that I trimmed down with scissors, and reshaped with a heat gun to fit my face better. I glued the red holographic spandex used on the suit around the edges of the mask, and use fashion tape to keep it stuck to my face when wearing this costume. I also glued fabric around a headband to match Elastigirl's.


The boots were bought online from a Halloween store for $5, but I decided to shorted them from knee-high length to ankle length, since I figured it transitioned a little better at the ankle than under the knee. These boots came in handy later for my Super Jessica Rabbit cosplay. The wig was also reused from my movie version of Black Widow! Hurray for double-dipping!

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