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Photo by Koji, Effects by Me
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by CosIt Photography
Photo by SM Photography
Photo by Eddie B Photography
Photo by Eddie B Photography
Why Mira?

Mira was a very special costume for me in many ways! When I (rather impulsively) started this project, I had not yet made a bodysuit before! As I was building it, I came to that realization and was like "wow, I just did that!" so it was a huge confidence booster in my skills and abilities! It was also my first time making successful wings (Tinkerbell's first iteration did not go well), as well as first airbrushing ever!


But of course, most important of all.... it was my first Neopets cosplay! Air faeries were always my favorite elemental faeries from Neopets, but I felt I would be more suited to do someone like The Space Faerie. Come to learn, half way through making her, that Mira is, in fact, an air faerie!! How neat! I always assumed she was a light faerie, hahaha. This cosplay re-inspired me to create another account on Neopets, since my much-loved childhood accounts all got iced way back in high school. Womp womp :( And yet I still love ya anyways, Neopets!

Costume Stats

Started: August 2013 

Completed: August 2013

Status: active

Wig by: Wig Is Fashion

Worn at: MatsuriCon 2013, OhayoCon 2014, Indiana Comic Con 2014, Indy PopCon 2014, Wizard World Chicago 2014 

Awards: Best Masters- MatsuriCon 2013

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About This Costume

The suit is comprised of four types of spandex: red and blue hologram, light blue mesh, and dark blue milliskin. The rude tubing is curtain piping covered in the red hologram spandex, and slip stitched to the suit. The blue stripes on the shoulders are air brushed on using Tulip fabric paint. There is a center back invisible zipper that allows me to get in and out of the suit.


Everything for Space Faerie was patterned by me! I did it initially in sections, expecting to make it in separate parts. As I went along I realized a full bodysuit was the best way to go! However, it does have open feet and open hands, so that I can take off my shoes and easily replace them (which is good, because I've already lose my original shoes haha) and with the gloves being removable, I can eat, use my phone, etc!

Speaking of removable, the wings can also be removed without having to undress. They slide through slots on the bodysuit into little pockets on a waist cincher that I wear under the suit. They are made of wire and have mesh spandex stretched over top, and air airbrushed in blue and white to add more dimension to them!

The airbrushing continues into the legs, with a grey look on the legs. This was initially actually supposed to be black, but was coming out more grey, so I used Design Master spray paint for the lower legs to get a truer black to blend into my shoes. The pants are encrusted with over 400 hand-glued Swarovski crystals, and all 12 of the Neopets Altador Plot constellations are hidden in the stars! (That's my favorite part!!)

All of the red piping was done by covering drapery piping with tubes of red spandex, and they are then slip stitched onto the suit. There is an invisible zipper in the center back to allow me to get in and out of the suit! The red and blue materials are holographic spandex, the dark blue is matte milliskin, and light blue is spandex mesh! All materials were ordered from Spandex House.

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