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Why Baelia?

Naturally, since I have already cosplayed so many Neopets Faeries, it was only a matter of time before I got to cosplaying this sad little cutie! Baelia's lore is that she was once a magical faerie (some elemental faerie, I figure) but then a dark faerie tricked her and stole her wings, leaving her with little to no magic left. So she lost all of her color, and the majority of her once glorious wings, and now is a gloomy faerie, who is saddened by her fate. But she still has love in her heart, and cares for other Neopians around her, and if that's not an amazing tale of resilience, I don't know what is! 

Costume Stats

Started: February 2021

Completed: April 2022

Status: active

Wig by: Purple Plum Inc.

Worn at: not yet debuted at a con

Awards: none

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About This Costume

I initially started this cosplay with the wings first, back in February of 2021. While I had those finished up rather quickly, it took me a long time to get around to the rest of it since I was moving into a new house within the next few weeks. I didn't officially finish everything else until spring of 2022.

The dress I made using the wrong side of a metallic foil spandex. Originally I hoped to use the shinier side, but the effect made it look a little too "club" aesthetic, whereas the drab greyish blue on the backside of the spandex was virtually perfect! I modified my pattern from when I designed a Thorn cosplay from Scooby-Doo by making the top neckline go straight across instead of down into a V neck. I also widened and lengthened the skirt and improvised the ragged edge at the bottom.


I used tiny thread snipping scissors to cut various holes and "tears" into the skirt. I also used scraps of other spandex materials to create patches on the dress, and purposefully used large, crooked stitches on my sewing machine to affix them to the dress.

The wig was made using two silver wigs from Purple Plum Wigs, one as the base, and the other as the "ponytail". I'm still working on finishing up styling the wig and some of the accessories, so I'll update this section later once I've finished the look!

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