AKA Jessica Jones
Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography
Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography
Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography
Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography
Photo by Geek HQ
Photo by Sleepy (ACP)
Why Jewel?

If you know me, then you know I'm attracted to bright and colorful outfits! (As if it weren't obvious from my website, right?) Anyways, this costume was recommended to me by a friend, and when I saw Jessica Jones was getting her own Netflix series, I figured why not go for it! Of course, this suit is a far cry from her traumatized and cynical character in the show, but this costume briefly makes an appearance on Netflix nonetheless!

Costume Stats

Started: August 2015

Completed: January 2016

Status: active

Wig by: Arda Wigs- Luthien Silky, Fuchsia

Worn at: Fanime 2016 

Awards: none

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About This Costume

Per most of my superhero bodysuits, this one was also made with Mystique spandex from Joann Fabrics! It is white with silver dots to give it an amazingly shiny but bright look! The blue parts and the pink gem were also done with Mystique fabric. The base of the jewel was made in Worbla.


Overall this costume was pretty straightforward!! There's separate boot covers so I can wash those separates from the suit (since they get much dirtier faster!) and the top blue band has elastic inside to keep the suit from slipping down. The Luthien wig was originally a bit longer, but cut it shorter for accuracy plus just personal aesthetics- I don't like my wigs to be super long haha!

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