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Julia from Cowboy Bebop Costume by Momo Karinyo Cosplay
Photo by Greyroamer Photography
Photo by Greyroamer Photography
Photo by Greyroamer Photography
Why Julia?

Somehow, all of my Cowboy Bebop cosplays have come about because I wanted to cosplay with a friend, hahaha. Julia for a group cosplay, even though only me and my friend Anne ended up doing the group. She makes an absolutely adorable Ed, and since I had a black suit and blonde wig, I decided to throw together a simple, easy Julia to join her. Voila! Closet cosplay for the win.


Not much else to this, other than I'm working on a second version with a suit that I actually made (and will fit much better haha) in the hopes that I can do a better and more thematic photoshoot!

Costume Stats

Started: January 2013

Completed: January 2013

Status: retired

Wig by: Cosplay-Wigs

Worn at: OhayoCon 2013

Awards: none

About This Costume

The entire costume was found item. I already had the wig, suit, choker, and shoes. All I had to buy was a belt and sunglasses. It's far from the most accurate thing, since I didn't make it myself, but maybe one day I'll have to change that! I have a new suit that I made for Black Widow that I would like to do a version 2 Julia with, but I also need to get new sunglasses and make the belt more accurately ^_^

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