Cowboy Bebop
Photo by Greyroamer Photography
Photo by Greyroamer Photography
Photo by Greyroamer Photography
Why Julia?

Somehow, all of my Cowboy Bebop cosplays have come about because I wanted to cosplay with a friend, hahaha. Julia for a group cosplay, even though only me and my friend Anne ended up doing the group. She makes an absolutely adorable Ed, and since I had a black suit and blonde wig, I decided to throw together a simple, easy Julia to join her. Voila! Closet cosplay for the win.


Not much else to this, other than I'm working on a second version with a suit that I actually made (and will fit much better haha) in the hopes that I can do a better and more thematic photoshoot!

Costume Stats

Started: January 2013

Completed: January 2013

Status: retired

Wig by: Cosplay-Wigs

Worn at: OhayoCon 2013

Awards: none

About This Costume

The entire costume was found item. I already had the wig, suit, choker, and shoes. All I had to buy was a belt and sunglasses. It's far from the most accurate thing, since I didn't make it myself, but maybe one day I'll have to change that! I have a new suit that I made for Black Widow that I would like to do a version 2 Julia with, but I also need to get new sunglasses and make the belt more accurately ^_^

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