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Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Self Portrait
Why Kurumu?

Mizore was actually the first Rosario Vampire girl that I cosplayed, but Kurumu won't be the last, that's for sure! I love most of the characters, for different reasons, and Rosario certainly has a cute cast to cosplay. Moka was the first one I wanted to do, because of her pink hair. Still not sure why I haven't done it yet, hahaha.


In the manga (which I assure you, develops vastly different than the anime), I really love Kurumu's passion for her friends. She obviously loves Tsukune, because that is the nature of the series- spoiler, ALL the girls want Tsukune! However, she also is passionate about protecting her friends, and even though she is not into Gin the werewolf, I secretly wish they would end up together because of their personality dynamics! That's my ship, I'm sticking with it until it sinks XD

Costume Stats

Started: December 2012

Completed: May 2013

Status: active

Wig by: Purple Plum

Worn at: OhayoCon 2013, Anime Central 2013

Awards: none

About This Costume

Part found-item, part handmade, this costume has the best of both worlds. The shirt and socks were bought and unaltered. The vest was bought online, and altered to fit.


As for the rest, I made it from scratch. The skirt is bottomweight with dozens of rows and columns of satin stitched "plaid", which are perfectly scaled to each individual pleat, so that I would not bother making plaid lines where one would not see them. There is a side zipper, and the hem is blindstitched by hand.


The headband is a purple headband covered in ruffled ribbon, with handmade bows, and little stars to finish them off. My neck bow is a red bow with a loose knot through with a thin "scarf" slides through the back of so that it can wrap around my neck, and the "tails" are actually just the ends of the scarf.


The wig was styled by me using two different wigs. In the manga, Kurumu's ponytail is perhaps not so overexaggerated, but I liked the look of it for her peppy, over-the-top personality. The first wig was styled and cut, and the second had several inches chopped off, and was stuffed with paper and a butterfly clip. It clips into my base wig, and that's all there is to that!

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