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Photo by Koji
Photographer Unknown
Self Portrait
Why Mizore Shirayuki?

I've been a fan of Rosario + Vampire since high school, and although I always wanted to do Moka first, I ended up doing Mizore and then Kurumu and STILL have yet to do Moka! Their outfits were a little less intimidating to make I suppose is why it happened like that, haha. Finding a good material to make that blazer seems like a nightmare, and the patterning will be a bit tricky, but one of these days I'll just have to sit down and finish it!

In any case, I still really love almost all the girls (sorry, Yukari, not a fan of lolis), and Mizore is super funny plus I adore her style, especially that hair! I ended up remaking the whole costume, so this is the second version of Mizore I did. I'm still waiting on a good snow to go out and take photos in though... it's been years now and no luck!

Costume Stats

Started: December 2012

Completed: May 2013

Status: active

Wig by: Five Wits

Worn at: Anime Central 2013, IkasuCon 2014,

KabochaCon 2016, KikoriCon 2020

Awards: KabochaCon 2016- First Place

About This Costume

I'm so happy with how this version came out compared to the first time around! I redid the hoodie completely, since I lost the original pattern. I made it in a Jet Set knit, although that wasn't my first choice, but it looks a bit brighter and cleaner than the original hoodie. I only regret not having made the hoodie longer and the front pocket bigger, so maybe a third version incoming? XD

Anyways, the skirt was redone with a much improved technique. Prior to pleating, I measured out a plaid design and satin stitched on the lines. It took like 8 spools of thread. I wonder if that comes out to costing almost the same as buying it from Spoonflower now, haha. Bottomweight is thick enough when pleated to not need lining, so I simply serged the bottom edge and slip stitched it at the hem. I installed the waistband and zipper properly this time also, so it lays much flatter on the hips!

Although my original stockings were closer to the reference art, I opted to dye them slightly pinker to match my wig. And yeah, the wig isn't super accurate in color, but the style is so perfect and I love this shade on my skin tone, so decided to not mess with it! Also I remade the necklace and ACTUALLY finished the little leg strap thing!

Version 1
Why Mizore Shirayuki?

This was the first version of Mizore that I did, and boy oh boy was I really using some weird logic before I took sewing classes when I built this. I made some really bizarre decisions during the construction of this, so I was really satisfied with it after I remade it. But prior to then, this costume was a.... an attempt, I guess. I tried, haha!

Costume Stats

Started: October 2011

Completed: December 2011

Status: retired

Wig by: Five Wits

Worn at: Anime Crossroads 2011, Anime Crossroads 2012, OhayoCon 2013, Anime Boston 2013

Awards: none

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About This Costume

Man, I don't even know where to start. I really only made the necklace (easy), hoodie, and skirt, but I did them in such weird ways? I had convinced myself that I couldn't have ANY visible seams anywhere on the garment, so I guess that's why I did things so weird. This was also well before I learned about seam finishing or how to properly line things, so the way I built this costume, everything was very thick and chunky because of my double layering everything, hahaha.

The hoodie is made out of a comfy knit, but it quickly started to pill and appear dingy, so I decided to opt for a different material for the second hoodie. The skirt was made of a bottomweight and it is a BIG BOY. Word to the wise, don't double layer bottomweight if you don't have to. Especially if you're gonna pleat it. I think I broke three needles on my poor machine trying to feed this beast of a skirt into it. I also had no real plan on how to do the plaid pattern, so ended up leaving it plain.

But hey, mistakes made are lessons learned! The second version came out MUCH better!

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