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Photo by Kwanye Cosplay
Photo by Kwanye Cosplay
Photo by Vagabond Photography
Photographer Unknown
Why Pluto?

Depending on the version and reference art you're looking at, Pluto is sometimes depicted as having darker skin than the other senshi. Ever hungry for a chance to feel represented, I really latched onto Pluto for that reason! Of course, there are several other reasons I adore Pluto, such as her loyalty and absolutely elegant demeanor. And she hands down has the coolest prop/weapon! Though Saturn is a close second on that too ;P​

If you notice that the construction time seems super long, it's mainly because I was dragging my feet on the shoes and Garnet Rod, haha. Eventually I decided to commission it from CandiCat Cosplay on Etsy and I'm SO glad that I did! She 3D printed the rod, did all the finishing, and even wired it to light up, all for an amazing price! Seriously, the work on this is incredible!

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Sailor Collar, Bows, Leotards, and More!

Costume Stats

Started: September 2016

Completed: January 2018

Status: active

Wig by: Cosplay-Wig (base), Arda Wigs (bun)

Worn at: KentokyoCon 2018, OhayoCon 2018

Awards: none

About This Costume

The suit is matte spandex, self-lined for ultimate opacity.

I used matte satin of an unknown brand for all of the black parts (skirt, collar, choker, and glove rolls, back bow) and Casa matte satin in tawny red for the front and back bow. 


I went for a thinner manga style for my tiara, which was made using PETG plastic and spray painted gold, and it sticks on with fashion tape. The gem is a Swarovski crystal, and I made my brooch with resin casting.


Also, on the shoes, I had originally bought some back in 2014, but lost one of the boots somehow, so had to find replacements. I'm still not crazy about the shoes I got, but they work for the time being.

I have tutorials on how I made the collar and front bow on my YouTube channel. I'm also adding more parts like how I did the skirt! I have two videos for the skirt up so far, but it's pretty involved, so it's broken up into a few videos. More tutorials will come soon- whenever my video editor decides to work again, hahaha

After making Sailor Mars and Neptune, and having a blast in doing so, I became quite the addict for making senshi uniforms and went on to create several more, including all of the inner planets, and most of the outer planets. Only the Moons and Saturn are left for me to do of the main sailor cast!

Be sure to check out some of my patterns on Etsy if you're interested in making one of these looks for yourself! More patterns and sizes coming soon, also!

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