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Self Portrait
Why Uranus?

Uranus is honestly one of the last scouts I thought I'd ever do because of how challenging I thought she would be for me to pull off. In general, I have a hard time pulling off blonde hair, short hair, and never mind that she is supposed to have a somewhat ambiguous appearance in regards to her gender. Granted, I still went for a more feminine look in my portrayal, since I'm still not convinced I look great otherwise- I feel like without the makeup I look more like Fred from Scooby Doo in this wig, pahaha.

Nonetheless, I really impressed myself with this one! It was pretty different from other cosplay looks I've done, and many people that know me remark that I look TOTALLY different in this cosplay, haha. I guess that's good, since that's half the fun of dressing up is getting to be someone else for a day!

• • •

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Sailor Collar, Bows, Leotards, and More!

Costume Stats

Started: February 2017

Completed: August 2017

Status: active

Wig by: Arda Wigs

Worn at: KentokyoCon 2017, Cincinnati Comic Expo 2017

Awards: none

About This Costume

The suit is matte spandex, self-lined for ultimate opacity.

I used matte Casa satin for all other parts of this cosplay. The back bow is actually shared with my Sailor Neptune since they have matching bows- couple goals I guess?


I went for a thinner manga style for my tiara, which was made using PETG plastic and spray painted gold, and it sticks on with fashion tape. The gem is a Swarovski crystal, and I made my brooch with resin casting.


The angled glove rolls were an... interesting thing to build. Eventually I'll upload a tutorial on how I put them together, since it's a lot to explain, but I'm really happy with how they turned out! It came out even better than my Neptune glove rolls, which was my first attempt at them.

I have tutorials on how I made the collar and front bow on my YouTube channel. I'm also adding more parts like how I did the skirt! I have two videos for the skirt up so far, but it's pretty involved, so it's broken up into a few videos. More tutorials will come soon- whenever my video editor decides to work again, hahaha

After making Sailor Mars and Neptune, and having a blast in doing so, I became quite the addict for making senshi uniforms and went on to create several more, including all of the inner planets, and most of the outer planets. Only the Moons and Saturn are left for me to do of the main sailor cast!

Be sure to check out some of my patterns on Etsy if you're interested in making one of these looks for yourself! More patterns and sizes coming soon, also!

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