Jak and Daxter (Jak II, Jak 3)
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Self Portrait
Photo by CosIT Photography
Photo by CosIT Photography
Photo by CosIT Photography
Photo by CosIT Photography
Photo by The Enthusiasts
Photo by The Enthusiasts
Why Tess?

You know... that's actually a great question. I don't really remember how I ended up choosing to cosplay Tess, just that it was impuslive. But history shows my impulsive cosplays ALWAYS end up being my best and most favorite!


Perhaps it was the perfect wig that I was first inspired to do this costume. I remember wanting to wear something cool to the A&G Ohio 2012 competition, because it was going to be on the same day as my birthday! Somehow that ended up being Tess, and I definitely don't regret it!


I used cut scenes and the 3D model viewer from Jak 3 as a reference guide for building Tess. In that case, you'll notice I do not have the earrings or same seam lines that appear in the concept art, because I wanted to stay true to how she appears in the game.

Costume Stats

Started: February 2012

Completed: June 2012

Status: active

Wig by: Cosplay-Wig

Worn at: A&G Ohio 2012, MatsuriCon 2012, RamenCon 2013, ColossalCon 2014

Awards: Best Novice - A&G Ohio 2012

                Judge's Choice - MatsuriCon 2012

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About This Costume

Tess was made at a time when I was still learning how to sew. It was the first costume I made with (sort of) properly installed zippers, and neater hems, and use of snaps. I also experimented a bit more with different textures of fabrics to bring this costume to life.


The top was made out of bottomweight and suede, with wood pieces and model magic for the silver details. Scarf was simple- a basic red loop that goes over my head. The gloves were a challenge, but came out alright. They were done in blue interlock with interfacing for the cuffs.


Shorts were done in denim, with cuffs slipstitched into place. There is a lapped size zipper that allows me to get in and out of them. The boot covers are suede lined with cotton, with batting sandwiched in between them. The straps are separate pieces which snap on and off.


As for the boots, they were grey suede, but I painted them to resemble Tess's. I covered a headband in pink peachskin, with little tails so it can tie in the back.


The ears were purchased from YayaHan's shop. Orb is easter egg spray painted, and decorated with paint markers, and reads something special. ;D

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