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Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Photo by Koji
Art by Me- Stickers Available!
Art by Me
Why Spyro?

If anyone has any doubts as to my obsession with the Spyro games as a kid, they need only to check my PS2 memory cards, with 108% completions statuses. How does one complete a game more than 100%? I don't really know, but since it was Spyro, I did it!


I created it as a Halloween costume and had so much fun, I decided to revamp it for conventions, and people loved it there as well! But you know, this dragon could sure use some company... I'm one rhynoc hit away from losing a life! Where oh where is Sparx the Dragonfly? :o

Costume Stats

Started: October 2014

Completed: October 2014

Status: active

Wig by: Wig is Fashion

Worn at: Long Beach Comic Expo 2015, Dragon Con 2017, Louisville SuperCon 2018

Awards: Best Hero- Long Beach Comic Expo 2015,

Judge's Choice Award- Louisville SuperCon 2018:

Runway Contest

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About This Costume

This suit is made using hologram spandex and gold mystique spandex. The center front is paneled to give it that ribbed dragon look. My spikes are all done in thick interfacing, and covered in the same gold spandex, and there is a break in the spikes at the lower back so that I could install the zipper. It also seemed pointless to put spikes in a place where it would only get tangled in my wig. ;P


The wings are done in PVC pipe and are covered with orange spandex. The horns are simply "socks" sewn out of the gold spandex and stuffed tight with batting. The ribs were achieved by tying thread around it so that it softly squeezed the horns to give it a 3D look. The horns and "mohawk" are attached to a headband.


As for the gloves, they are separate from the suit to allow me use of my hands when I need them (it is hard to do things with claws!), and the claws are done in thermoplastic. They've since been redone in resin though!


I did my makeup dark and heavy to match the drama of the suit, and to make myself appear slightly less "human" in a sense, but still sexy. The fangs and large purple circle lenses help to add to the dragon look. And lastly- what would a sexy cosplay be without a ridiculous push up bra?

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