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Photo by Amatsu Otome
Photo by CosIT Photography
Photo by Greyroamer Photography
Photo by Koji
Why Yoko?

Out of all the waifus in the world, Yoko is definitely Waifu Supreme in my world. So of COURSE I have to cosplay her! I wanted to cosplay her before I even knew who she was all the way back in 2008, when I was at San Japan, staring at an amazing $80 figure of her that I regrettably didn't buy. Last I saw, it was going for $300. *sob sob*

Yoko is just a total badass, honestly. She's fearless, but still sweet, a real amazing character. And yeah, many will say she's all T&A, but honestly, she is so much more than that. Although she doesn't go through the biggest transformation in the series, you still see her character go through a lot, including a lot of loss and tragedy, and yet she is always there to kick ass. Do not mess with the precious Yoko- she protec but she also attac.

Anyways, Yoko is a character and cosplay that is very near and dear to my heart because of all the friends and memories I made through it. I wore it to the most cons compared to any of my other cosplays, and learned so much from making it. Yoko is what really launched my "cosplay career" by opening me up to several new opportunities and friendships.


I hope to rekindle my experiences by doing a second version, which has lazily been in the works since 2016, haha. So look forward to Yoko version 2, hopefully coming sooner rather than later!

Costume Stats

Started: January 2011

Completed: May 2011

Status: retired

Wig by: Wig is Fashion

Worn at: Anime Central 2011, RamenCon 2011, SugoiCon 2011, KollisionCon 2011, Anime Crossroads 2011, OhayoCon 2012, Anime World Indy 2012

Awards: Judge's Choice- SugoiCon 2011,

Best Craftsmanship- KollisionCon 2011,

Honorable Mention- Anime Crossroads 2011

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About This Costume

This was pretty much my first costume that I made TOTALLY from scratch! As such, it holds a very special place in my heart. It went through several updates before finally being retired. I still would like to completely redo it, but in the meantime, I still cherish this version!

I did the scarf in two different ways, both using a jersey knit and batting inside. One had a fake zipper on the front, while the other just used bias tape in the front. The bikini and shorts were made in a cheap lamé fabric from Hobby Lobby and its honestly a miracle they lasted as long as they did, because that fabric was FLIMSY. I painted on the flames for the bikini, and used actual elastic from a bikini string for the top. The orange beads on the back string were wood beads that I painted orange with nail polish.

For the belt, I used wide white elastic belting, and hand installed 30+ square studs. The buckle took forever to find online, but I was finally able to find a decent match! Of course NOW I realize I can just make something like that incredibly easily, but that hadn't dawned on me at the time, hahaha. The belt velcros on and off, and has the single belt loop in the back to match her references.

My stockings were just bought from Sock Dreams (a lifesaver), and the boots were originally slouchy tan boots from Charlotte Russe that I cut out a fake zipper design in the sides, painted white with red flames using Jacquard fabric paint, and attached some laser cut acrylic zipper pulls to that I bought off ebay. I emphasized the top seam of the boot by using a silver paint marker.

The long glove sleeve was done in the same lamé, and the black gloves were just opera gloves that I cut up. For the bracelets, I covered some upholstery foam, and painted wooden domes gold with nail polish and glued on. I painted the hair sticks to match, and the skull clip, made of Model Magic, was also painted with nail polish. Look, it makes a really nice finish that lasts freaking forever, haha.

Lastly, the rifle! My baby. While it's pretty much dead now, it lasted a long time for being one of my first real props! It was made primarily of PVC pipe, MDF board, and various findings like a door stopper, water bottle tops, craft foam, etc. Although her gun is more of a gunmetal blue, I couldn't quite find any paint that wasn't just... obnoxiously blue, so I opted for gunmetal black instead. The pink strap actually does function and the rifle could be worn. The strap even was adjustable! But it was not at all comfy to wear and it was awkward to walk with since it would just get kicked when I walked, ahaha. Not sure how Yoko does it, but she makes everything look so easy.

Why Yoko?

Since I had the wig all styled up but hadn't yet finished my version 2 of Yoko's outfit, I decided I could do some fun simple costumes of Yoko in the meantime! I love a lot of her outfits from the Stars music video, and the room wear version was a really cute simple ensemble to do- and it looked comfy to too!

Costume Stats

Started: July 2017

Completed: July 2017

Status: active

Wig by: Arda Wigs

Worn at: ColossalCon 2018

Awards: none

About This Costume

The wig was styled previously, as mentioned, so the rest was just buying and modding items from Amazon! The shorts I replaced the blue waistband with some scrap white fabric I had on hand, and then I appliqued a star onto the thigh. The tank top was taken in, and shortened. Easy peasy! Probably the easiest costume that I didn't just straight up buy everything as an actual costume set, haha.

I know she doesn't have the bangs down in the reference, but the way this wig wanted to behave, it looked better down. And the skull clip was just to help people recognize Yoko, since its a more obscure outfit of hers otherwise.

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