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Velma Dinkley From Scooby-doo Costume by Momo Karinyo Cosplay
Photo by Kwanye Cosplay
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Why Velma?

Much like October 2017 when I worked on Thorn from Scooby-Doo! my October 2019 was a VERY busy time for me because I was setting up my new home after moving clear across the country. I used this time to slowly ease back into some simple cosplays such as by doing Mary Jane Watson, Samantha Manson, and more!


Velma was a no-brainer, since I've wanted to do her for some time, and I thought it would be an adorable and easy costume for handing out candy on Halloween. It was popularly recognized by kids and adults alike, so I'm very happy that I chose Velma to be my costume for my first time EVER handing out candy at my own home! Anyone who knows me knows Halloween is my favorite holiday, so even though I didn't have time to make or plan anything spectacular, it was nice to be able to have a little humble time just partaking in neighborhood festivities with the families.

Costume Stats

Started: October 2019

Completed: October 2019

Status: Active

Wig by: Cosplay-Wig

Worn at: KikoriCon 2020

Awards: none

About This Costume

Lucky for me, this costume was pretty simple to assemble, since I only needed to buy three things: the sweater, skirt, and socks. The shoes, glasses, and wig I all had on hand already! I used to own red low-heel, mary-jane pumps from when I did Panty Anarchy that I would have preferred to use, but I must have given them away or lost them. Can't seem to find them anymore, darn! Ah well, looks like the famous red shoes from my Jessica Rabbit and Sailor Mars cosplay will just have to make another appearance! I swear, these heels are gonna be in a museum one day, with all the ridiculous shenanigans I get into while wearing them, hahaha!

The glasses I have had since college, in red and blue originally. I decided I probably wouldn't use them for anything really, so popped the lenses out, painted them black, and voila! Velma Dinkley glasses. They're not the most accurate frame shape, but I'd rather just reuse something I have had for some time than buy yet another accessory that will help to clutter up my home. Oh, and speaking of which- I did the same for my wig! I reused my Haruhi Suzumiya wig for Velma. The style isn't perfectly accurate, but when I tuck the length of the Haruhi wig into my Velma turtleneck and tug a small bit of it out, it creates a perfect boxy bob. Neat!

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