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Dani Danielle Phantom from Danny Phantom Costume by Momo Karinyo Cosplay
Photo by Koji
Photo by Greyroamer Photography
Photo by Greyroamer Photography
Photo by Greyroamer Photography
Photo by Greyroamer Photography
Why Dani Phantom?

So, over the summer of 2012 I rewatched all of Danny Phantom and I'll be honest... who WOULDN'T I cosplay from Danny Phantom, haha. It's one of my all time favorite cartoons! I have since retired this costume, but I would like to remake it sometime in the future now that I have more experience with spandex!


I absolutely love Dani's origin and story, and wish she appeared in more of the show. Oh and she's NOT a genderbend of Danny Phantom (I get that a lot). She's an actual canon character- a failed clone, not just a genderswap of Danny hahaha. And she wasn't a failed clone because she was female, but because if she used too much of her powers, she would deconstruct, due to her unstable composition. It is for that reason I find her character interesting because she wants to fight and do the right thing, but it is often at her own detriment, which puts her in a precarious position.

Costume Stats

Started: June 2012

Completed: August 2012

Status: retired (sold)

Wig by: Cosplay-Wig

Worn at: MatusirCon 2012, Anime Central 2013

Awards: none

About This Costume

This is a pretty simple outfit, really. It was one of my first costumes done in entirely spandex as well as on my serger. The top was altered from a turtle neck pattern, and the pants were just sort of eyeballed by looking at my Paulina leggings. There's an elastic waistband in the pants as well as the turtleneck.


I never really finished the gloves, haha, so these are just altered ones from Claire's. If I were to remake it today, I would pick a different wig and put more effort into styling it! I think I would really like to revisit this character again. <3

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