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Why Paulina Rodriguez?

After having cosplayed Dani Phantom and Ember McLain, I decided to do a civilian outfit for a character from the show to go with my friend's Danny Fenton costume. I had another friend interested to do Jazz and Sam, so opted for Paulina! Plus she's Latina like myself, so yay! I still want to get a group of the "Mean Girls" from Danny Phantom together, haha! Now that I've updated the look, I seem to be lacking a Danny! :o

Costume Stats

Version 1

Started: August 2012

Completed: August 2017

Status: retired

Wig by: Cosplay-Wig

Worn at: Anime Crossroads 2012

Awards: none

Version 2

Started: March 2017

Completed: March 2017

Status: active

Wig by: Wig is Fashion

Worn at: GojotekiCon 2017

Awards: none

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About This Costume

In both iterations of this costume, I simply used items that I had on hand! For the first version, I had to hem the sleeves and shirt length and add the white stripes on the sleeves. The leggings were originally white and I dyed them light blue.

As for the second version, The shirt was pretty much ready to go! I just had to add the sleeve stripes again. The leggings were already a great color, and even had other cool features like back pockets! So had to do even less work the second time around, woot woot!

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