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Photo by Karamel Photography
Photo by KaPreviewsAnimatic (2 of 3)
Photo by Karamel Photography
Why Trixie Tang?

Trixie is yet another cosplay that was mostly inspired from things I had on hand! For this, all I had to get was the blouse, and sort of the boots. I thought it would be a great throwback costume to do, and one I could be relatively comfortable in while guesting at Animatic Con 2019! People loved the reference, and I'd love to do more Fairly Oddparents cosplays, to be honest. It was one of my regular shows I tuned into while growing up, so maybe I'll have to do more!

Costume Stats

Started: March 2019

Completed: March 2019

Status: active

Wig by: Cosplay-Wig

Worn at: Animatic Con 2019

Awards: none

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About This Costume

This costume is mostly found item, and reuses parts of other costumes! The wig was from my Chel cosplay, so no styling was required here. The blouse I got off of Amazon. I had to hem the sleeves and bottom of the shirt a bit, but that's fine, since I was able to use the scrap fabric to cover a spare headband I had laying around to match!

The skirt was from my Nagi cosplay. I made this skirt back in 2012, and it's a shame I don't wear it more because tbh, it's really cute and pretty well made for one of my older pieces! The boots were also double-dipped from my Camie cosplay, so that made everything come together super effortlessly!

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