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Self Portrait
Why Sam Manson?

This is my fourth Danny Phantom cosplay.... can you tell I like the show? Hahaha. Sam Manson was an obvious choice! I love how pragmatic she is, and committed she is to her veganism. She's not afraid to be herself and shirk societal expectations. Plus I love her relationship with Danny, not just the romantic sides of it, but the strong friendship they share too. It's always cool to have a good friend on your side, especially one that's pretty good at helping kick ghosts' butts too!

Costume Stats

Started: November 2019

Completed: March 2020

Status: active

Wig by: Arda Wigs, Nina (Silky)

Worn at: KikoriCon 2020, Lvl Up Expo 2023

Awards: none

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About This Costume

Parts of this cosplay were made completely from scratch, while some of it was bought. The shirt I went ahead and made completely from scratch to get the fit and cut I wanted, plus I always seem to have extra black spandex on hand! I used heat transfer vinyl to do the purple circle, although I overheated it and melted it slightly, due to the instructions being slightly vague. You can't tell too much in photos though, thankfully.

Heat transfer vinyl was also used for the green stripes on the skirt. The skirt itself was store bought for $10, sweet deal! I made the choker and bracelets from scratch using scraps of vinyl from a skirt I had previously made. The wig I had on hand, and was originally saving it for a different project, but since I wanted Sam to be a pretty affordable project and this wig had gone unused for 6-ish years? Decided to lop off a ton of hair on it and style it for Sam!

The only other parts I had to buy were the purple tights and some black boots. All in all, this is a super comfortable cosplay, and I actually really dig the skirt being high-waisted, since it can sometimes be uncomfortable to wear crop tops, some days. So for now I think I'll leave it like that!

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