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Photo by Kwanye Cosplay
Photo by Kwanye Cosplay
Photo by Kwanye Cosplay
Photo by Kwanye Cosplay
Photo by Kwanye Cosplay
Why Sabrina?

I originally had bought these amazing thigh high boots for Jessie from Team Rocket, but quickly realized that I could also double dip them with Sabrina for her outfit from Indigo League! I also had the perfect wig on hand, which I've used for Chel since 2012, and more recently also used for Trixie Tang in early 2019. That meant, all I had to do was create the dress, and I'd have a whole new cosplay!

Sabrina had been on my list for a while, so that motivation was just enough to finally get me to jump on it! I started making the dress on a Monday, draping and patterning from scratch, and finished the dress by Friday, working on it in the evenings after work. All in all, it was a super easy cosplay to make, and it is SO comfortable, I imagine I'll get a lot of great use out of this costume!

Costume Stats

Started: July 2019

Completed: July 2019

Status: active

Wig by: Cosplay-Wig V1, Arda Wigs V2

Worn at: KentokyoCon 2019, OhayoCon 2020,

Lvl Up Expo 2023

Awards: none

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About This Costume

Sabrina was a super easy project to make, especially since the wig and boots were already on hand from other cosplays! This meant I really only had to make the dress from scratch. I wanted a sleek suit-like fabric that had some subtle stretch to it so that I could have a comfortable dress that would maintain structure without having to be interfaced or lined. I settled on a sportswear fabric from Joann called Bengaline Suiting in Caviar (black), and Biking Red. This fabric is SO comfortable and easy to work with!

It took me only a few days to put together the dress, including patterning it from scratch. Most seams are top-stitched to give it some extra crisp professional finishes. I installed an invisible zipper into the center back, and also made sure to pattern the side panels without any side seam, to further push the sleekness of the design.


For the buttons, I really don't like how shank buttons look when they're sewn directly onto something without having a button hole to go through, because they just sort of flop over, so I opted to cast my own buttons out of resin. I first made a rubber mold of some glass cabochons and flat back pearls in different sizes.


When casting the buttons, I mixed about 60mL each of a two-part, fast-curing resin and used 4 drops of yellow dye, 1 drop orange, and 1 drop green in order to get the brassy color buttons that I did. I actually had intended to paint over the buttons (I just wanted a base color close to gold, so that if the paint came off, it would blend well), but liked the resulting color so much, I glued them on as-is!

And that's it! A super duper easy, fast cosplay that took me just a few days to complete! I would love to add this dress to my shop and create a tutorial for it, since it was SO easy to make, that I'd love to share it with the world! It's even just a great pattern for casual dresses. So be on the look out for this pattern hitting my shop soon!

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