A "Joyful" April Fool's Reunion! 90+ Cosplayers Team Up For Cute Prank

Collage made by Gaius Cosplay

This year some pretty big events were happening on April 1st of 2018- Easter, Passover, April Fool's Day, and.... a very famous family reunion! Over 90 cosplayers participated in this year's traditional cosplay prank, which was to play a part in the Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny family gathering. The hashtags #pokefam2018 and #joyjennyreunion2018 were used to document the function going down in Saffron City!

If you're wondering why so many Jennies couldn't make it, well, they were busy staving off Team Rocket who was trying to crash the event! Looks like James is trying to pull a fast one on us Jennies, but we know better! ;P And that voice changing megaphone won't work on our Growlithes this time, James!

Valhalic Cosplay as Officer... James?

Many cosplayers rushed to online shops, their closets, and their local fabric stores to throw something together for the event. With about only one month to plan to build the outfit, acquire a wig, and schedule a photoshoot with a photographer, we were cutting it close to get photos back in time. Many came back with stunning handmade costumes, or adorable dresses that came in clutch at the last second! But every family has those members that are always running late!

Photo by Hak Cosplay

Organized by Gaius Cosplay and Frisco Blondie, the event is a more innocent one than the year prior in 2017, where fake cat-fights broke out over cosplayers showing up in the same outfit to a pretend con called "Daokon". In contrast, the joke this year was that we all actually were different characters, just.... eerily identical. But if you ask any Jenny or Joy, they'll tell you they see no resemblance.

And of course, not far behind was the smooth-talking Brock to try to slide into everyone's DMs! How could he resist staying away from all these gorgeous faces in pink dresses and mini skirts? I wonder which Jenny or Joy Brock is going to profess his undying love to this year? Looks like all of them- busted!

Danny Do It Cosplays playing the part as the hopeless-romantic Brock

So any hints as to what next year's prank will be? Well, if we told you, then it wouldn't be as funny, now would it? That, and, we haven't even decided what it'll be yet either! What whacky idea do you think would be a good laugh for cosplayers to do for April Fool's next year?


Thanks to all of the cosplayers who participated! Here's their Instagram accounts. Sorry, links not activated so that Google doesn't file this under spam hell, hahaha. But please check them all out if you get a chance! If a name was missed or misspelled, please let me know, and it will be added/edited ASAP!



Altar Lion Cosplay