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Game On Expo Happening in One Week!

Hey there, lovelies! Time for an update on an upcoming event, since Game On Expo is right around the corner! In just one week, I will be vending there at table T324 as an artist in the artist alley. I’ll be there all three days, August 11-13. I do plan to cosplay, but I haven't yet settled on a full lineup, since my art table and art products have been taking priority. I'll let y'all know next week what my lineup will look like. I feel after this year, I’ll have a really great idea of how to run and set up my table, so next year I’ll have more time for cosplay again. ^_^

To update you on what my upcoming plans are, I’ll start with my current event lineup. Some pop up events might be added later, but so far, I should be locked in for the following cons as an art/cosplay vendor!

Aug 11-13

Phoenix, AZ

Artist Alley, Table 324

Sep 1-4

Phoenix, AZ

Artist Alley, Table A13

Oct 13-15

Mesa, AZ

Dealers Den, Table 22

Oct 27-29

Mesa, AZ

Cosplay Guest

I have some exciting new merchandise including my long-awaited Ahri chibi stickers! I’ll also have other new stickers, like Faerie Wocky, Rainbow Lupe, and more! For those that haven’t seen my table in person all summer, I also have all new products added to the lineup, which include art prints, printed and cut by yours truly, as well as large 3” buttons! Most of these products have not yet been added to my Etsy or shop on here, so for now, the only place to get those items is in-person. ;P

Another fun update, I’ve added a long overdue review video of the 2021 Neopets plushie relaunch! Sorry to have posted this so late, I'm finally getting time to get through a massive backlog of files stuck on my old computer. It only turns on for about five minutes at a time (after a few hours of rest), so I have to sort of "Noah's Ark" my files onto thumb drives and transfer them to my laptop to be able to access and edit old files. I've been having a hard time finding a reasonable quote to repair it, some have quoted up to $1k! Mainly because of the files. Sooo, I've been doing it this way for now, to save money, so hopefully when I have all my necessary files, they can quote me something cheaper, so I won't have to worry about preserving all of the hard drive.

For that same reason, tutorials, patterns, and new cosplay photos have been long delayed. It really threw an enormous wrench into my usual content creation routine, as did moving, and renovating a house from 2021 to early 2022. I’m hoping to be able to post more patterns, art, tutorials, reviews, photos, and more moving forward. I’m challenging myself to meet certain weekly goals in order to create a nice flow of creative content. Some other videos you can look forward to are hip roll and glove roll tutorials, which I finally got the original recordings of. They just need to be re-edited, since I wasn’t able to export the half-started files from iMovie. Instead, I’ll be finishing the editing in CapCut.

Anyways, that’s all I have for you for now! I’ll post another update next week before the con to give you any last minute info about Game On Expo. The week after that, I’ll give you my recap and review, and let you know how my time was there!

~Momo Kariño


Thanks for reading! Feel free to follow me on other social media for more content and updates ^_^

I have an art Instagram too! Follow me at @momokarinyoart


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