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Upcoming Events for Summer and Fall, 2023

Hey there, lovelies! Long time no chat, I know. I’ve been going through a bit of a personal growth and rebranding journey over the last year and a half, in order to try and figure out what my future trajectory will look like. The good news is, it’s going to be more of the same content you all have loved from me over the years, such as cosplay, tutorials, patterns, and product reviews. The better news is that I am expanding into new (but familiar) adventures in art, being an art vendor at events and conventions, art and cosplay tips, and more!

To update you on what my upcoming plans are, I’ll start with my current event lineup. Some pop up events might be added later, but so far, I should be locked in for the following cons as an art/cosplay vendor!

Aug 11-13

Phoenix, AZ

Artist Alley, Table 324

Sep 1-4

Phoenix, AZ

Artist Alley, Table A13

Oct 13-15

Mesa, AZ

Dealers Den, Table 22

Oct 27-29

Mesa, AZ

Cosplay Guest

It’ll be a rapid fire session of events but I am very much looking forward to a lot of firsts! It will be my first time:

  • attending and vending as an artist at Game On Expo

  • hosting an artist alley table at SabotenCon

  • attending/vending at any type of furry convention

  • guesting and hosting a cosplay table at UwU Con

To catch you all up on all of the events I’ve done this year (there has been a LOT, I just had four weekend events back to back!) I created an all-new webpage that summarizes all of my past events. It is still being worked on as I go through my past posts, photos, and memories to recall what all events I’ve attended. I’ve totally lost count!

I also have accomplished a lot of new firsts this year already, such as:

  • attending and guesting at Tempe Fan Con

  • hosting an artist alley table at a 3-day event

  • flying out of town to host an artist alley table

  • being an artist in artist alley at Anime Central

  • attending, guesting, and being a cosplay judge at Naka-Kon

  • judging a cosplay contest in Arizona (Ganbatte, July 22)

  • working as a vendor assistant for

  • setting up and hosting a free photo selfie station

  • offering products such as buttons and matte art prints

  • experimenting with sublimation printing

Lately, I have felt stalled, or stagnated, due to overwhelming pressures of daily life (but hey, who isn’t feeling that pressure?) so I just wanted to create a routine that will keep me in touch with y’all. I plan to be adding more products to both my shop here and on my Etsy over the next few weeks. It just takes a while to do the product photography is all, so I'm trying to get caught up on that!

I want to also give special thanks and shoutouts to Anya Braddock, Hak C Cosplay, RTheta Cosplay, Mint Chocolate Studios, Sammie Scribbles, and Amber Skies Creations to being wonderfully pivotal people in helping to inspire me to keep going, and chasing my dreams. They certainly aren’t the only folks that have inspired me, so I’ll try to thank some people for their support and inspiration each week. Seeing my good friends and peers achieve their dreams always warms my heart!

Stay motivated, everyone! I know it’s hard, but give yourself time and patience to find your footing, and allow yourself to fail sometimes. Beautiful things can come from it, and I believe in you. 🥰

~Momo Kariño


Thanks for reading! Feel free to follow me on other social media for more content and updates ^_^

I have an art Instagram too! Follow me at @momokarinyoart


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