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UwU Con is Just One Week Away!

Heyyyyy there, lovelies! I've admittedly been falling behind on my blog posts, my sincere apologies. But I'm working hard to get through all of my massive backlog of tasks so that I can focus more on social media, my blogs, and creating new cosplays and new content. I probably sound like a broken record, but it's just a long process. But I do see me moving forward, and for that I am proud. I can sense that the break I'm looking for is just around the corner. <3

Speaking of around the corner, UwU Con is in JUST ONE WEEK! There are some amazinggg guests and featured cosplayers this year. It's going to be absolutely bonkers how many skilled, amazing, talented people will be in one building at the same time! I'm nearing my final selection on what cosplays I'll be wearing, but I'm definitely aiming to have Misa Amane debut there. Thorn from Scooby-Doo might make an appearance, but I'm on the fence between Zatanna or Ty Lee for the third option.

Since Arizona Fur Con, I didn't have a chance to order too many new stickers, but since I didn't see a lot of you at AZFC, then you're in for a real treat, because I'll have all new art prints, 3 inch buttons, vinyl stickers, and possibly even other merchandise! However, I will hopefully have at least one new sticker for UwU Con, which is my Pirate Eyrie! I am super excited about that one, because I reworked the piece about a dozen times before landing on a design that I was finally happy with. ^_^

I have much, much, much to do still! So my blog this week is brief. In November, I'll have more downtime to catch you up on all my recent adventures, conventions, and upcoming plans. I don't have any big cons planned where I'm guesting or doing an art table for the rest of this year. That might change, but so far, the rest of the year is clear, and I may just stick to doing smaller market or pop-up style events. It'll be nice to have a chill end to the year.

Just in case I don't get to post before Halloween, I hope you all have a wonderfully frightful but fun holiday! I'm very much looking forward to participating in my neighborhood's trick-or-treat again this year. I sadly missed it last year because I was just soooo burned out from travel, work, and life in general. This October I've been blessed to maintain my health (both physical and mental) in a much more balanced way, so I don't feel nearly as crummy as I did last holiday. Remember, everyone, it's okay to take breaks. Value your work by rewarding it with downtime. ^_^ I'll be talking with you real soon! Have a fantastic weekend!

~Momo Kariño


OH! And before you go... something else I keep forgetting to promote is the Southwest Artist Alley and Vendors Discord! SWAAV for short, this Discord is meant as a resource for artists in the Southwest US to be able to network, give each other heads up about openings for various events/cons that are looking for artists/vendors, and to be able to give feedback to each other on cons, products, display tips, etc. etc. You can also use it to look for people to table share with (at cons that allow table sharing), splitting hotel rooms, finding a carpool, and so on and so forth. We even use it to plan community table games, such as stamp card rally games!

There is no expectation to participate in the SWAAV Discord if you join, it is just there for everyone's convenience so that we can have a more centralized location to talk about these Southwest-focused events. So don't feel bad if you want to join it and then throw it on mute, so you can just hop on in whenever you're looking for updates or connections! If you would like an invite to the Discord group, feel free to message me on my art Instagram @momokarinyoart Also, don't be afraid to leave a comment too letting me know that you've reached out, since a lot of new messages automatically get sorted into a hidden request folder. Hope you'll consider joining us! The more, the merrier ^_^


Thanks for reading! Feel free to follow me on other social media for more content and updates ^_^

I have an art Instagram too! Follow me at @momokarinyoart


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