Make It With Momo: Sailor Moon Skirt Hip Roll Tutorial

You know her, everyone loves her, and her fashion is iconic- Sailor Moon is one of the most popularly-cosplayed cartoon characters ever! Sporting a mix of fun, feminine, and sleek aesthetic, the famous suit rolls are a defining feature of her classic costume, and the hip roll is certainly no exception! And even though it is a single roll as opposed to the double or triple rolls on the sleeves and gloves, it is probably the most frustrating roll to put together and sew on! But I'm here to help walk you through the process that I use for my suits!

There's more than one way to do some of these steps, so don't be afraid to get creative with this process!

With most of my sewing patterns, I like to do video tutorials, but this one has been tricky for me to film alone, so I will come back with that soon! For now, I have this handy dandy blog post to assist you through the process! And want to know the best news?

No pattern purchase for this is required!

While this tutorial is intended to go with my Magical Girl Skirt Pattern 1325, and its unique construction process,

you can also adapt these steps for other similar projects that do not use my pattern. ;3

I'll show you how to create the dimensions for your hip roll pieces. They're all going to be rectangles, so you can use some scrap paper to create a pattern if you prefer, but otherwise, you won't need anything more than that! If there's any step you don't understand or need help on, let me know and I'll be happy to assist explaining anything here in more depth! I know I'm not the best at explaining things in words, but I try my best nonetheless! Email me at if you would like additional assistance, and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able to.

This tutorial is somewhat intermediate. You will need to know how to do these hand stitches: whip stitch, baste, slip stitch. While I wouldn't call this project beginner-friendly, some simple practice can make any beginner into an intermediate sewist! For this project, you will greatly benefit from having access to a sewing machine with a zipper foot, although it is possible to make this without a machine. Creating the hip roll will require some dexterity, so if you need assistance with this, perhaps a friend or family member will be able to help! But with enough preparations, you'll be able to create a beautiful skirt hip roll, no problem!

It is recommended that you complete the rest of your skirt, including waistband, skirt snaps, skirt hem, etc. before doing the hip roll. I save this step for last when building my sailor skirts!


  • 1-2 yards* of white 4-way stretch knit material such as spandex, lycra, milliskin, ponte knit, scuba knit, spacer, etc.

  • 1-2 yards* of white 1/2" thick batting sheet (the same material one would use for lining a quilt or a coat, not the kind that is loose such as for stuffing pillows or plushies)

  • long, thin, and sharp quilting pins

  • large safety pins

  • large snaps

  • ruler

  • white thread

  • large, dull upholstery needle

  • fabric scissors, and optionally, thread snips if you have them

  • sewing machine with traditional zipper foot attachment (not an invisible zipper foot)

  • optional: cutting mat and rotary cutter

*the length of these materials will be determined by the finished length of your skirt's waistband. When in doubt, I tend to get more fabric, since it's better to have too much for a project than not enough!

After procuring these supplies, you’re ready to get started!

~ ~ ~ Assembly Photos Coming Soon! ~ ~ ~

Step 1: Cutting Fabric for the Hip Roll's "Tube"

The first step you'll need to do is measure your bias tape waistband. This will be entirely unique to each skirt, which is why it is essential you have already finished the skirt waistband and assured that it fits on the body that will be wearing it. Measure all the way around the waistband, starting at the center front point, and ending back at center front again.