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Appearing at Animatic Con 2019 as a Cosplay Guest!

Hiya everyone, I have some super fun news to share! I am honored to announce that in just a few weeks, I will be appearing at Animatic Con as one of their featured cosplay guests! I had a blast guesting at their con back in 2017, so it'll be great to return and share just how much I've grown since then. As usual, I will be presenting some panels and meeting and greeting at my cosplay table in Artist Alley, along with the other esteemed cosplay guests like Thousand Faces Cosplay, Akakioga Cosplay, Hailey S. Cosplay and more!

Animatic Con is a very unique event in that they are very focused on bringing a welcoming event to those with disabilities, and aims to make cosplay and anime conventions accessible to all! They've been running since 2015, and in those years donated to charitable causes, which you can read more about on their website. That's why they call it the "Con with a Cause"!

When I guested two years ago, I was given a very special thing, you see, because it was my first ever time headlining as a convention guest. This is a very special memory for me and opened many doors to future opportunities, so it is going to be truly meaningful to come back for my two year anniversary of guesting! This means I'll have some exciting new things at my cosplay table, so be sure to come by and celebrate with me!

I'll be debuting my brand new Time Management for the Cos-Procrastinator panel featuring techniques on how to better make use of your time as a cosplayer, and I also will be appearing in another infamous Con Horror Stories 18+ panel! You won't want to miss that! In the meantime, I better get to work on my cosplays! See you all very soon! <3

Photo by Koji

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