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New Costume Added! Taelia the Snow Faerie, Plus More Neopets Cosplay!

An all brand new costume has been added today- Taelia the Snow Faerie from Neopets! I started her on January 10th of 2018, and finished her on the 15th to go do a "snowtoshoot"- get it? Okay, okay, bad pun, I know. I plan to debut her at OhayoCon in two weeks! Hopefully I don't overheat in it- it's pretty warm! To view the photos and costume info, follow this link!

It was surely fun to wear this out, although I realized I do have some little things I need to fix up before taking her out again! The waist cincher I use is starting to show it's age and stretching out quite a bit as I walk, causing the wings to be droopy and even slip out! So I'll have to add a wide elastic belt that will tighten around the back. When I worked in Entertainment Costuming at Disneyland, this is what we would add to Tinkerbell for her wings so that she could have some extra security while moving around with her big heavy wings, so it should work! I want to avoid using a bulky corset because it's not as comfortable, and the heavy structure will leave a visible impression on the outside of my costumes, which are generally just a single layer of fabric.

The makeup actually went pretty well over all! I understated the size of my lips slightly since I wasn't sure if the blue would be too bold, but in comparison to the size my eyes appear to be with the heavy makeup, I think I could stand to overstate the lips slightly, actually! As for the wig, it was great, but I think I would prefer to get the Arda Inigo in Raven! This wig was the Greta in Midnight Blue, which was originally a curly wig that I straightened, but didn't realize how short the layers were, so the wig is a bit thinner on the bottom than I would have preferred. Woops!

The coat was great, but word to the wise, if you're adding pockets, you'd probably be better off adding a 6-7 inch opening to fit your hand and objects into. Mine was only 5.5", and I have to struggle slightly with it, haha. Another thing that came out a little too small was the hood. I'd like to possibly replace it and make it larger, so it has that cute drapey look. Perhaps add some drawstrings to it too so I can tighten it for a snug fit option as well.

All in all, it was an extremely successful test run, and I'm very happy with the results! Not sure I would ever wanna remake this coat again, the fur was such a nightmare to cut, haha! Fuzz- fuzz everywhere! On the costume, on my dog, on the carpet, clogging my vacuum and probably also my lungs. 0/10, would not recommend, hahaha! Anyways, if I make any of these updates for Ohayo, I'll be sure to post about it and let you know if the improvements worked out better!

Photo by Koji


Other Neopets Costumes Updated With Info Pages!

An oldie, but goodie, info has been added for Mira the Space Faerie from Neopets!! Be sure to check out photos from previous conventions, and read up on how I was inspired to make my first-ever Neopets cosplay that went on to win Best Masters at MatsuriCon 2013! There's also a special secret hidden in the stars... of the pants that is! To see what the secret is and view the photos and costume info, follow this link!

Photo by Koji

And now for something a little darker, info has also been added for Jhudora the Dark Faerie from Neopets!! Better known as Illusen's sister, she sends Neopians on quests for various trinkets, but no one is quite sure what she plans to do with them. Something sinister, I'm sure! This costume was retired in 2017 to harvest fabric for Starfire. It is possible that I'll remake it in the future, but we'll see! ;o To view the photos and costume info, follow this link!

Photo by CosIT Photography (Mobile Phone Photo)

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