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Color Contact Lens Reviews in 2022 with Momo Kariño

Hola cuties! I know it's been a minute since I last posted a blog, apologies for my absence! But I am aiming to get back into regular blogging again soon, along with posting more videos on my newly launched YouTube channel here!

Some of the content you can anticipate will be in the form of product reviews, both sponsored and unsponsored. I will try to maintain a general theme relating to cosplay, crafting, fashion, hobbies, and other general nerdy interests. The reviews will range from cosmetic products, to décor pieces, books, technology, fandom merchandise, etc. Some specific examples include wigs, costume accessories, clothing, crafting materials, figurines, games, and more! The majority of my reviews will cover cosmetic contact lenses designed for fashion, costumers, and entertainment.

I enjoy showing people products and information so they can decide for themselves if they are making the right purchase. I genuinely enjoy being helpful, and assisting people in being an informed consumer. Especially when it comes to things like cosmetic color lenses, which aren't always pictured by a proper model. Oftentimes, they might only be Photoshopped onto a model in order to bypass the process of arranging a product photoshoot. Thusly, I tend to make my purchasing decisions for lenses based on reviews that seem reputable and honest. So that is my goal with my lens reviews; to help provide sellers and customers with thoughtful product feedback, and unambiguous product images + videos.

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Ears by Aquarius Garden

Color Lenses Review Overview

I recently updated my review criteria for lenses, and even made a visual chart for the aesthetic aspects, so that I can establish clarity and consistency in my rankings. Do note that in some of my rankings, they are more of an objective observation as opposed to "I'm ranking this based on how much I like it," since some effects could be desirable in some lenses, but not in others. For example, for a monster type of effect, I might want a super bright and artificial-looking yellow, which I would rank a 5 for color vibrancy. But for a more subtle golden-looking yellow that appears more natural, I might rank it a 3 for color vibrancy. This doesn't mean I like the subtle ones less than the bright ones, just that if vibrancy were graded on a spectrum of 0 (no color) to 5 (vivid color), then the natural gold lenses would land in the middle.

Admittedly, I find that that is hard to give a consistent and fair overall ranking solely on the criteria of "how much do I like these contacts", just on account of lenses having so many different purposes for specific occasions, such as wanting a sclera lens for Halloween versus wanting a fashion lens for everyday wear. So I am not going to provide an overall number or stars ranking, except when reviewing contact lenses directly on the product's website. To replace the concept of ranking how much I like the lenses, I will instead offer a yes/no/maybe recommendation at the end of the review, in order to concisely summarize whether I am satisfied with it or not.

The order in which I will arrange my reviews will be as follows: 1) general info/specs on the lenses, and seller info 2) aesthetic rankings 3) my impressions of the product. The general info and specifications will be objective information that precisely describes the product, based on the seller or manufacturer's provided data. Aesthetic rankings will be descriptive ratings based on a few key visual elements. And lastly, impressions will be my subjective opinions on the product, summing up my personal feelings of the lenses. To go into more depth, the outline for lens reviews will look something like:


General Info/Specs:

  • Name and Color/Version of Lenses

  • Seller Info (when applicable)

  • Sponsorship Disclosure and Discount Code (when applicable)

  • Link to Product (when applicable)

  • Period of Use Before Expiry

  • Diameter

  • Prescription

Aesthetic Rankings:

  • Vibrancy of Color

  • Limbal Ring Style

  • Effect Style

  • Enlargement/Reduction of the Iris Surface Area

  • Depth/Coverage of the Inner Iris and Proximity to the Pupil

  • Visibility/Vision Obstruction

Personal Impressions:

  • Comfort

  • Recommended Uses/Occasions

  • Recommend to Others?


Anyways, now that we have that established, some of my future review blogs will be posted as links below! Until then, be sure to subscribe to my website for email notifications of new blog entries. Otherwise, you can also bookmark my blog to return and check for new reviews and posts. If you prefer video format reviews, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and don't forget to set the notifications to "on" for updates whenever I post new videos! ^_^


  • Himalaya "Blue Natural" (unsponsored)

  • New York Pro "N Jade" from MyEyeBB (sponsored)

  • Himalaya "Green" (unsponsored)

Do not use my product images without my prior permission, thank you.

Blog entry last updated: Sep 30, 2021


Disclaimers and Sponsorship Disclosures

Color contact lenses, though cosmetic in nature, are still considered to be medical devices, and carry some potential risk if not used properly. I am not a medical professional and as such am not qualified to give medical advice or recommendations. Please see your own optometrist and/or ophthalmologist for proper medical and health consultation regarding your eyes, as well as for a prescription for vision correction if necessary.

All opinions are my own, and I am not paid to say anything specific in my reviews, even if the product is sponsored, (unless otherwise noted). I will always disclose sponsorship or collaboration status as a means of transparency. I will decline to promote products that I feel are questionable, or unsafe, and will not falsely inflate my appraisal of a product for any reason. It is important to me that my reviews and recommendations maintain integrity.

I cannot make any guarantees for the product or seller, and cannot assist with any purchasing or seller conflicts, as I am not employed by any retailer. Please confer with the shop or your institution of payment to resolve any issues. I also bear no responsibility for any adverse experiences with products or brands. Please take care of yourself, be an informed consumer, and use cosmetic lenses responsibly!


Thanks for reading! Feel free to follow me on other social media for more content and updates ^_^


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