Make It With Momo: Fast and Easy No-Sew Soup Faerie Cosplay For Under $100!

If you grew up playing on Neopets as a kid, you'll likely remember this benevolent and generous character... The Soup Faerie! Always there to help feed a hungry pet, The Soup Faerie was ready to give out a warm and tasty meal to any hungry pet whose owner who was suffering from a shortage of Neopoints!

But don't bother trying to ask for free handouts if you were well off... she always knows just how much you have! Perhaps you'd be better off getting free food from the Giant Omelette.

While she is most known for her Soup Kitchen, Neopians can't deny that she also sports an adorable sense of fashion. Practical, comfortable, cute, and comfortable, her look is simply iconic! I've wanted to cosplay her ever since I was a kid- even before I knew what cosplay even was! Now, thanks to the power of the internet, it's easier than ever! Below, I'll show you all the pieces I used and recommend to make your very own Soup Faerie cosplay for under $100! Appropriately thrifty ;3

Do note, that's before tax, since taxes vary. Also, price fluctuations may occur, so be sure to check that total before checking out. If something went up in price, or out of stock, you can always shop for alternatives. Otherwise, everything is Amazon Prime eligible, meaning you should be able to get everything in 1-2 days, and be able to finish this cosplay in under a week! This makes it a great fast and easy costume for any beginner or cosplayer looking for a quick and cute cosplay idea!

Let's Get Started!

Wig and Head Accessories

Let's start with the basics! The Soup Faerie's symbolic polka dot bandana, and that warm, brown, wavy hair. For the bandana I found a really lovely chiffon scarf on Amazon, which was rated as being a fantastic accessory for 50's costumes, so you can definitely make use of it in other contexts, especially if you like mixing in some dapper fashion into your regular wardrobe!

As for the wig, I found an affordable Belle wig that I thought was a gorgeous color and texture. You'll have to remove the bun and braids, but if you've ever wanted to cosplay Belle, now you have a wig that you can double for both! It could work for her yellow gown as well as any of her outfits where her hair is down, so you might even get to triple or quadruple-dip this wig!

However, the Soup Faerie's got some subtle highlights going on on the front of her hair line. I opted to buy some clip-in wefts so that I can reuse the wig for other cosplays, and I don't have to fuss with sewing in any extensions. Plus, her bandana can cover part of the hair line, so it doesn't have to be super perfect!

Last but not least, the faerie ears! I have used this kind for the Space Faerie, Fyora, and the Snow Faerie, and I highly recommend them because they're quite comfortable and can be made to match your skin tone using your regular cosmetics. Just dab a little bit of cosmetic adhesives on the inside for a light grip!

Clothing Items

Next up is the wardrobe. Her outfit luckily uses different elements that are fairly casual and easy to find, meaning not only will you be able to use these items for your cosplay, you can definitely wear them as normal clothes in your everyday life! For the pink blouse, I chose a Hanes Women's Long Sleeve Tee in Pink. Can't go wrong with a comfortable Hanes shirt!

For the apron, there was plenty of great options available on Amazon, but I finallysettled on this multipurpose blue apron. It crosses in the back, which I thought was a nice feature because I could use that aspect to help secure the wings to your back by strapping them over the base of the wings. Last, for her blue bell bottom pants, I chose these high-waisted, wide leg pants since the price was nice!


We can't forget to top off the look with some quintessential fairy wings! Although I prefer to make my own faerie wings for my Neopet cosplays, I found this bright and sunny pair of wings to be rather nice. They even come in multiple colors! Plus they're a bit smaller, which makes them more manageable for traveling to cons and navigating crowded spaces.

Lastly, we will top it off with her always handy wooden stirring spoon! Uh, giant cauldron not included, haha. It was hard to find an extra large and affordable spoon, but this 18" wooden stirring spoon fell under budget, and offered a few extra inches than most other spoons which fell somewhere between 11 to 14 inches.

I also found this 19" wooden stirring spoon one if you want a little more spoon-to-hand ratio, but it'll push you over budget by just $3. Can't hurt to have some options though!

Create Your Look!

Once you have received your items, try everything on and make sure they all fit and are what you're looking for. If not, you can return the item right away, and order an alternative. If you like what you have, but need to make minor alterations, such as hemming the pants, or taking in the blouse, go ahead and do so now. Even if you opt to make some alterations, this shouldn't take more than 3 days or so, depending on how busy you are. Could even take less than a day, meaning you can build this cosplay WELL under one week if you're crunched for time, or just looking for a fast cosplay idea!

And that's it! Now you're ready to start serving soup! Whether you're helping a hungry, down-on-their-luck Neopian feed their pets, or defending your title in the Battledome (hey, wooden spoons can hurt!) people are sure to recognize this lovable faerie.

If you used some or any of the items from this list, I'd LOVE to see your Soup Faerie cosplay 💖

Please send photos with cosplayer and photographer credits to and I'll feature them in this blog!

Thanks so much for reading!

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Soup Faerie Cosplay Gallery Coming Soon!

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