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I'm Going Ghost with these Danny Phantom Costume Updates!

Hope everyone had another great weekend! I just got back from OhayoCon and am already gearing up for another convention weekend at Wizard World St. Louis where I'm guesting again! Though Ohayo was a bit rocky at first just for various reasons, I had a lot of fun! Thankfully I had no obligations to any events, groups, or panels, so I was able to take it easy. I cosplayed as Sailor Pluto (costume entry coming soon) and Taelia the Snow Faerie! I also wore a casual Harley Quinn kigurumi for late night shenanigans!

Today, I was again able to update three costume info pages, all Danny Phantom costumes this time around! Despite all of these costumes (save for my updated Paulina) being retired, it really makes me want to get back into some Danny Phantom cosplays, maybe remake Dani or do a whole new character! We'll see!

Dani Phantom was the first to get an update, despite being my second Danny Phantom cosplay. This was my first costume using all spandex, and also first time having used my serger! That was all the way back in 2012, and now it is 2018. Time sure does fly when you're having fun! I no longer have this costume (in fact it is now in the hands of another Danielle- Danielle Beaulieu!) but you can still check out photos of it here!

It's hard to forget Ember McLain, especially when she enchants you with her name! Ember was my first Danny Phantom cosplay that I did, and I regret that I did not enjoy the body paint experience, or else I might have worn it to more conventions! Perhaps this is an idea I can revisit in the future though! To read up on how I put together this found-item cosplay, click here!

Lastly, I added my two versions of Paulina Rodriguez, the super popular, super pretty, and super prissy love interest of Danny Fenton. Both iterations were found item cosplays, meaning I just bought or used stuff I had on hand to create the look. I could easily make it, but I could even more easily just buy it, and save my effort for cosplays that are not readily available off the rack! While I don't have many photos of her, you can compare and contrast the two versions from 2012 and 2017 by clicking here!

That's all I have for now! Friendly reminder, I'll be appearing at Wizard World St. Louis as a guest this coming weekend! I'll be assisting with judging the contest, and I will have a booth and be hosting panels as well- schedule coming soon! While I'm away from my table, Akakioga Cosplay will be watching over it for me, so come and meet her as well! After that, I will be at KatsuCon, and EvilleCon in March, also as a guest! Let me know if you'll be at any of these conventions!

Photo by Raus DeBaus

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