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Representation is Magic! New Costume Updates- Princesses, Ponies, and Parties!

Hey y'all! I'm still con crunching for a weekend at Wizard World St. Louis where I'm guesting! Here's my schedule for the weekend! Luckily, I found some extra time during my weekday schedule to be able to update more of my cartoon cosplays! This time I worked on Elena, Pinkie Pie and Rarity! Once I finish out Jessica's profile (since I cosplayed from one of the shorts, which I suppose counts as a cartoon and not a full film), my Cartoons and Television section will finally be completed! And then I get to move onto the extremely arduous task of filling out the Movies and then Anime sections, which are my largest cosplay categories!

Elena of Avalor was up first for her all new info page! I completed this cosplay back in 2016 when her cartoon first premiered on Disney Channel. Because I don't currently have cable, I don't have an easy way to keep up with the show, but I really enjoyed the episodes I did see! It's exactly the kind of show I wish I could have grown up with when I was a young girl. And although I never fulfilled my dream to be a cartoonist, it's a cartoon that I would have loved to work on in some manner! So It's a huge honor to be able to portray the lead character of this series, and I hope her franchise does well, so young Latina, Latino, Latinx, etc. children can grow up with icons like them in the media! I don't have many photos of her right now, but check out the ones I do have here!

Up next was Pinkie Pie, in all her pink, partying glory! This was a fun little project I made for ColossalCon last year, and I really need to do more Pinkie cosplays with some other outfit concepts! I'd love to do some kind of sundress or anything similar. Pink is one of my favorite colors, so naturally, I felt fairly at home when putting together this look! Now I just want more swimwear in pink- I ended up making my suit since I didn't like any of the ones that were for sale online or in stores. Some seasons it can be hard to find the right color if it isn't "in", and that actually affects the availability of fabrics to make things too! So I had to resort to using the backside of some metallic foil spandex. To read more about that, check it out here!

Finally, I rounded out my trio of updates with my Rarity info page! This cosplay was all found-item, meaning I used all items that I had or was able to find in a store to create the ensemble. I still dare say it's a rather fashionable look! I put it together for convention formals, and wore it to the SugoiCon 2012 formal. I haven't really worn it since then though, since I tend to get annoyed with convention formals that require you to dress up, but then devolve into a high school homecoming dance, hahaha. Like, it's hard to picture Rarity getting down to Cotton Eye Joe. Applejack, sure, but not Rarity! Anyways, read up on why I was so impressed with Rarity's character, which lead to me wanting to cosplay her by clicking here!

After Wizard World this coming weekend, I will be at KatsuCon two weeks after that, and EvilleCon in March, also as a guest! Let me know if you'll be at any of these conventions! I look forward to sharing photos and updates from these events, as well as continuing to add more info pages for my existing costumes. Be sure to sign up for emails, so you will get notifications whenever I write a blog post with news and updates!

Photos by Koji

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