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New Cosplays in February- America Chavez, Chocola, and Fyora!

Whew! Sorry this blog post is coming super duper late- February was just as busy as January for me, and March has been equally as crazy with a local convention happening EVERY weekend of the month! Currently no promises on attending ALL of them, however, I will for sure be at EvilleCon where I'm guesting! A lineup for that convention will be coming soon. I will also be competing at Indiana Comic Con, so see ya there!

America Chavez was my first new cosplay in February! I started it on the Wednesday before Wizard World St. Louis and finished most of it in time for the convention. Just the gloves and some minor finishing details are left, but otherwise, I completed the look in just two days! It was half handmade and half found item (or closet cosplay if you prefer), so be sure to check out how it all came together here!

Second for the month was Fyora the Faerie Queen from Neopets. This was a very special cosplay for me, since she was actually the first Neopet cosplay I ever tried to make back in 2012, but I gave up on it after messing up the top. I held onto the materials for all those years though, so in 2018 when I got a sudden desire to cosplay her again, I checked the items I had from back then as well as the new materials I'd accumulated and discovered that I could finally do her justice! Click here to read about her construction process!

Last but not least was Chocola from NekoPara, where I competed with her at KatsuCon! It was a lot of fun, considering I've been working on this cosplay since November of last year, and finally made the final push to finish it for Katsu. I had lost motivation on it in December and January, so entering her into the masquerade was a great way to get my butt in gear to complete the outfit! While I finished most of it, there's even more stuff I'd like to add to it! Oh, and don't forget, I do have the full pattern available on my Etsy here! Currently it's only available in one size. There are plans to create it in other sizes in the future! If you just want the accessories, there's also an accessories pattern pack. Most items are OSFA (one size fits all), but the items that do require more sizes have a sizing option. The cuffs and headband can also be scaled up if need be by printing at a larger scale, such as 125%. A video tutorial to construct the look will be coming soon, since I intend to make a second outfit!

I'd like to make a Vanilla outfit to go with Chocola, because I still have some navy blue poplin left over. I'd prefer to make Coconut or Maple, as they're my top two favorites from the series, but I would rather use the purple for either of them (or even Azuki), since their colors would look better with a purple base. Shigure, Vanilla, and Coconut would all look good with a blue base, but out of those three, I really only have desire to cosplay Vanilla, haha. But that works out since she will look really cute with Chocola, and I have a completionist mentality, so the two as a pair is perfect for me to do!

Anyways, that's all I have for now, I'll see ya'll real soon at EvilleCon and perhaps some of those other conventions I mentioned! If I go to any of the other cons, I'll be sure to update you as soon as I know! Thanks again for following my work, and can't wait to show you what cosplays I have planned in March!

Photo by Anya Braddock Cosplay

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